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Moppies Hops – Garage Project Resonance.

Garage Project Resonance.

Drinking this lovely dark beer after a full on day shooting around Wellington.
It was fermented to a non stop playlist of death metal played out of an underwater speaker. Check their Garage Projects social media for how it worked.

I have no idea if it added anything to the beer, but it tastes good. Quite dry, plenty of bitter pine, but it opens with subtle notes of raisins and spice. It is quite thick in the mouth, almost syrupy, but then the hops take over and wash it away leaving a nice clean dry finish.
As an experimental beer I would call it a smashing success and something to look out for.
I suspect it will have its detractors, and it rates high on the wank factor, but its still a damn fine beer in its own right.




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