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Samsung Robot Vacum – Tested!

Hey team

So we get all sorts of weird and wonderful things to try out here, one of which is this Robotic Vacum cleaner from our friends at Samsung – Full dislosure, this was sent to us for review purposes and we were not paid by Samsung to make this review nor are we keeping it.

Right so, A robot doing the house work for ya? sounds awesome right?! well…

He’s a cute little thing, almost toddler like, in the sense that hes fumbling around the house and often picks up things he shouldn’t be, like USB cables on the ground and even took off with my boots!

So what exactly is this little rascal upto? Well hes a small robotic, learning vacum cleaner. He’l use various sensors and radars to work his way around the room while vacuuming, it’s pretty clever to watch and he can tackle a number of surfaces, he’l just map out the room and start a sort of a grid pattern, which is easier to see in larger more open rooms, smaller cluttered rooms it seems random but hes always thinking about what areas to seek out next. Then when full or tired he’l let you know via an App or by returning to the base station that he needs a sleep or a nappy change.

The real question is, does it replace the need to do it yourself? Not entirely, he’s not awesome at going under some stuff like beds or couches, some corners will get missed but what I found was he does the major open areas well, and I didnt have to lift a finger. Actually that’s not entirely true, in the time we were figruing out what we was capable of there were a couple instances where he tried to eat cables that were laying on the ground and at one point on a mission to get back to his base station, he tried to escape out the back door. So you might find yourself chasing him when he’s trying to get back to base.

It’s cute and funny but, how much is it going to save you from doing the hard work yourself? well not all of it that’s for sure, I feel like this would be useful in a modern house that does not have a lot of clutter, you can flip him on and he’l buzz around until he’s full doing his thing. He does fill up fairly quickly as the catch compartment is fairly small given his form factor, you might find in a rumpus size room you’l empty the catch can 2-3 times depending on how often you vacuum / how much dirt there is to pick up.

At a retail price of ~$1500NZD he’s not cheap and is not a be all and end all device / tool. He can’t do stairs and if you let him near them he’l do his best impression of a lemming. However if you’re that way inclined and you like your toys he’s a neat gadget to have which will save you some time but not an entire job.

I’d likely get one for the novelty factor if nothing else, and it’l likely get me using him more often, thus a cleaner home which can’t be a bad thing.

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