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Photography Tips & Tricks – Panodash


With smartphone cameras becoming more and more impressive every release, we often don’t use the tools they have to full advantage, one of which is the Panoramic tool.

The Panoramic setting on your phone’s camera is great for getting those massive vista’s whilst on holiday or getting the full scope of an event you might be attending… But you can also use this function to create some pretty cool images with your kids or friends.


This is what is called Panodash…

This little trick is where you set your phone’s camera into the Panoramic mode and as you are panning across you have your subject (kids, friend, yourself) run/dash around the back of you and into place for the camera to sweep past.

Gif From iphonehacks.


  • Make sure to keep your hands as steady as possible whilst panning the camera and give it a couple of practice runs first.
  • Shoot in Portrait mode (phone upright) as this will make the image bigger.
  • Plan out where the runner/dasher is going to in each frame and what they are going to be doing.
  • Don’t run out of frame until the camera has passed fully.


This is a fun little trick to create some really cool cover photos for Facebook or to create some awesome crazy images.

Give it a go and share what you have created!

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