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BBQ Whole Snapper

Grilled Snapper

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting out on the big blue on a boat and catching a few perfect eating snapper. Instead of just whipping the fillets off like I normally do, I decided to slap one on the BBQ whole and see how it would turn out. …

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How to: Massive Smoker

Lets be fair, very few of us are going to NEED to know how to do this, But its nice to know we know how when its needed.

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Pulled Pork (Boston Butt)

Pulled Pork

Hi team, Kial here with another informative piece of BBQ blog to wrap your lips around. I’m here to talk about what is commonly known to those in barbecue circles as a “Boston Butt”, or to the less informed, this is simply a pork shoulder with the blade still in. …

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Cooking and Internal Temperature Cheat Sheet


Hi guys, Kial here with my next instalment of BBQ wisdom for you. If you guys want to really get a handle on your BBQ and get on the road to becoming a full-fledged pit-master, try cooking your meat to specific internal temperatures so you understand when the meat is …

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B.B#2 – Beef Short Ribs

Alright guys, I thought I had better do a food blog for you guys this time. If you are after a cost-effective and delicious cut of meat I have the perfect one for you. I think this one is definitely better bang for your buck for beginners – the mighty …

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Maintaining a good fire!

Welcome to Barbecue Blog #1 – I am hoping this blog will become a place for readers to come and find some helpful tips, read some straight to the point no bullshit reviews on products and provide you with enough food-porn to keep you coming back for more. But before …

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The Ribiron Rebel by Burgerfuel – Review

Hey Team! Fuck me dead its been too long since I got to go try a new buger but we are back at it! even during lock down! So the usual format doesn’t apply here, long story short the girl needed feeding and I didn’t fancy cooking so off to …

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20 Minute BBQ – Mean Eats

Hey Team We’d been seeing a lot of ” heat n eat ” BBq-centric products popping up around the place, met with various feed back online, particularly in the NZ BBQ alliance facebook group. We took it upon ourselves to see what can be done with these – this is …

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Carnivore Diet

Hey Team, Time to talk food – This isn’t an intent to upset vegans, more to explore the wider world that it out there in regards to food. A while back I heard of a professor who was on a meat only Diet.. now known as the Carnivore diet. I …

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Mean Eats tries – Impossible Burgers – with special guest Cassie

With all the Hype going on about plant based diets, thanks to the netflix documentary ” The Game Changers” we wanted to try some of their meat alternatives to see if they can pull off a decent burger This is what we found Thanks to Cassie for coming and helping …

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