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Burger Review! Bunty’s in Milford

Why here? – It was Steve’s birthday so it was his choice, I hadn’t heard of Bunty’s before. Parking – Well, its in the main drag of Mildford so, that really depends on what time of day it is, we were on bikes so ya know, we can park wherever …

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Welly on a Plate – Part 1

Hey Team! So Wellington on a plate is happening again! and we’re super excited about that. Our team has a PDF of burgers that we wana hit over the next two weeks and we’re thinking we’re going to be smart about it this time. Enjoy part 1 Make sure you’re …

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“Lowrider” – By Burgerfuel – Review

Hey Burgerlovers, We are back with a new Burger review, this one from the good people of Burgerfuel Burgerfuel’s current special burger is the ” Redwoods Lowrider” Crispy buttermilk fried chicken with a jalapeño and corn crumb, sweet caramelised onion, melted cheddar, chipotle aioli $14.90 for the Burger or $19.90 …

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Komodo BBQ from Flowerpots?

This seems like something we can all have a go at

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The Perfect Steak

Looking for a sure fire way to the perfect cooked steak? How about you give the reverse sear a go. This method is all about slowly raising the internal temperature of your meat by using indirect heat ensuring moisture retention and maximum flavor then searing off at the end of …

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Insane Offset build

Ya’l know I’m a massive fan of Jimmy Diresta, and hes done gone and built the most epic offset you’ve ever seen, Enjoy!

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Mean Eats – Easy Pad Thai

Hey Team, So in regards to my Instagram story about the Pad Thai, this is really easy and pretty cheap. ( or maybe people were just starting conversation cause I was offering myself up for marriage? ) You’re gona need, 500grams chicken – breast or thigh – I prefer thigh …

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BBQ Whole Snapper

Grilled Snapper

Last weekend I had the pleasure of getting out on the big blue on a boat and catching a few perfect eating snapper. Instead of just whipping the fillets off like I normally do, I decided to slap one on the BBQ whole and see how it would turn out. …

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How to: Massive Smoker

Lets be fair, very few of us are going to NEED to know how to do this, But its nice to know we know how when its needed.

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Pulled Pork (Boston Butt)

Pulled Pork

Hi team, Kial here with another informative piece of BBQ blog to wrap your lips around. I’m here to talk about what is commonly known to those in barbecue circles as a “Boston Butt”, or to the less informed, this is simply a pork shoulder with the blade still in. …

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