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Burger Review! Bunty’s in Milford

Why here? – It was Steve’s birthday so it was his choice, I hadn’t heard of Bunty’s before.

Parking – Well, its in the main drag of Mildford so, that really depends on what time of day it is, we were on bikes so ya know, we can park wherever we like. located 89 Kitchener Road, Milford.

The place I’d say the place is really well presented without trying to be wanky, nice tables but nothing over the top. ” Just good honest” is a theme that I think will ring through this review. I really liked the open kitchen, you can watch them work but I wouldn’t cause that’s rude but I did get a picture for you guys. it’s kinda like a diner which was rad.

Staff Staff were awesome, considering 20 odd larikins on bikes showed up being loud and ya know just generally annoying but the staff were awesome, communication was great. I didn’t realize at first that the owner was on the tools, thats when you know you’re in for a treat. pictured in Green

I had planned to go for a brisket burger, but there was something in the air that said I had to go classic and do a review.

Classic Bunty’s Cheeseburger $20

2 Classic smashed 80g 100% angus beef patties – sourced from Well Hung Butchery
Mayo and Mustard.

Fuck me, this is has to be one of my top 3 all time burgers. Imagine your mate invites you over to a BBQ and makes you the best smash burger you’ve ever had. That’s exactly what this feels like, it feels like a friend made it for you and gives a shit about you enjoying it. The textures were perfect, the ratios were on point. Simple, Good and honest. That’s all I ever want in food. Granted not the biggest burger I’ve had, not tiny ” A good size” (that’s what she said) enough to fill a tummy and be damn happy about it.

We also split a side of fries @ $12 which I’m glad we did cause there was more than enough for 2 and they were very nice indeed, great crunch and potato choice. Between us we tried all the burgers and all the plates were clean by the end and everyone was raving about how much they enjoyed the food and the experience.

I’ll be heading back for the Pastrami-Rubbed Smoked Brisket Burger. I think aside from the food being so good, there was an absolute no bullshit no wankery approach to this, that speaks volumes to me. As you may have gathered over the years, I don’t give a shit how cool you are, if your food is good I will like you and I love this place.

Highly reccomended and let me know if you’re going, I’ll come with you.

Heres a couple of the burgers the lads had.

Go give em a follow on socials, you wont regret it.

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