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Looking After Yourself

How To Build Muscle

Okay so before you say “well I don’t wanna build muscle I just wanna tone, I don’t wanna look bulky, I just wanna lose weight and slim down” I’ll just stop you right there and explain why that’s not going to happen. I’ve been trying to look bulky for over …

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How To Start Your Fitness Journey

Joining a gym is a really daunting task for a lot of people. From the annoyingly long sign up process all the way to your first session where you spend the entire time desperately trying to not look clueless as you move from machine to machine. A lot of people …

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Getting back in Shape

So I Guess the place to start is at the beginning, but first a quote. Something my dear friend Jaden said to me years ago when experimenting with food and exercise, ” you are your own greatest experiment” – this has stuck with me. And Actually let me just say, …

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Skincare for Men – Leonardo Skincare Review

So I’m a beauty vlogger now.. This is actually a really old video i found in the vault and thought it might be a great time to roll out some more of this sort of content I do hope those that want to read / watch this sorta thing aren’t …

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