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The Empire Media Group

The Empire Media Group was founded by Nick Scott and Steven Goodey. Our goal is, and always will be, about creating good honest content to interest Kiwi’s with authentic product reviews, exciting vlogs and a host of other streams of online entertainment and amusement.

Housing some of the country’s most popular and successful social pages, from the highly engaged NZBlokes to the massive Mean Bro, “The Empire” has carved its way to the forefront of online entertainment in New Zealand.

Click here to download the electronic press kit and learn more about how you can advertise with, or align your brand to “The Empire”.

The Empire” is home to a number of Content Creators with a wide range of interest and expertise, There isn’t much we won’t tackle.

Case Study – Meatstock

We have been involved with Meatstock since it came to our shores, and for the 2020 Event we did a combination of marketing for the event.

Leading upto the event, we posted a teaser video which alone got 155,000 views, and follow up videos putting the view count over 200,000. We plugged the event in the cooking show ” Mean Eats” on multiple occasions and of course filmed our adventure at the event itself.

The event sold out and was the most attended it had ever been.


Engagement is Everything

It’s nice to have big numbers, and we sure have those. What’s important is the people that see your content actually care enough to engage with it.

Our engagement across the board is 10 times or more than the industry standard.

Here you can see the percentage of people that Saw content from this page, and then interacted with it. This page only has 14,000 people on it and was seen by over triple that number.

Even on our larger pages we still have amazing interactions with our content, as you can see here.

During the Release of the Playstation 5 which was one of the most talked about releases of 2020, our engagement was more than 3 of the top industry pages COMBINED!

Our amazing engagement comes from the fact that we are real and upfront with our community, its no more complicated than that. We are open and honest with everything we do and people appreciate that. the days of shilling products with pretty pictures are done.

Other Services we can offer

  • Social Media
  • Tutoring for small to medium Business
  • Mentoring for individuals ( Self employed)
  • Project management for Strategic Campaigns

  • As well as
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
  • Photograhpy
  • * For up to date website and social media Statistics and Pricing come through on the Email *

Talk to us

Email: nic@theempire.nz
Phone: 0211120180



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Empire motoring Journalist, Vlogger and general larakin. Pro food and lifting heavy things.