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Mean Eats – Easy Pad Thai

Hey Team,

So in regards to my Instagram story about the Pad Thai, this is really easy and pretty cheap. ( or maybe people were just starting conversation cause I was offering myself up for marriage? )

You’re gona need,

500grams chicken – breast or thigh – I prefer thigh ( have tried both )
Egg ribbon Noodles – I use half a pack of the ones pictured below
Lee Kum Kee brand Pad Thai Sauce
frozen mixed veggies of your choice

– You can opt out of the chicken and do this with prawns, which I have been meaning to try.

I use



First thing, cook ya noods – boil em for the time they say on the packet – once cooked ( perhaps slightly under) Drain em off. At the same time, you’re gona be browning off your chicken – which had been cut into small chunks, the closer in size the more evenly they will cook, I like having a few small scragglers to crisp up nice to offer some textures.

while those are going, dice up ya nuts – I just used salted peanuts and chopped em up pretty small.

Once you’re chicken is cooked thru and your noods are ready to go.

Get the wok on a medium high, throw in your nuts, and the veges. let them get hot. Throw in the Noods and the Pad Thai sauce. mix them up real good – it can be tricky to get things into the noodles amd mix evenly, There’s a scoop and flip while stirring action that I’m working on which seems to be quite effective, start with patting your head and rubbing your tummy.

Lastly throw in the chicken ( that you’ve been keeping warm)

let the sauce get everywhere.

Garnish either with more peanuts or seasame seeds and something green so it makes you look like you’re trying to be healthy

Easy aye. tag me when you make it and story it on instagram

Will do some episodes of mean eats on some simple / cheaper ideas

For real tho, someone wife me

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