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Veronica!! … Is this the scariest movie ever???  Well.. in short, no, no it is not, not by any definition of the word.
How this movie ever got such a reputation is totally beyond me.

I was so very very excited for this, I love horrors, I love thrillers, I love anything that envokes an emotion of fear or suspense, I couldn’t wait for this to come out and shy’d away from reading anything to do with this movie so that I could go into it blind…. now I wish I had just watched something else.

The premise is quite simple and far from original, however, the draw card here was that this movie is based on real-life events, which by the end of the movie has you thinking that the people involved in the actual event must have been a little not all there to start with.

Im not spiritual in any way, I dont believe in any form of life apart from being alive and I have the thought that there is a massive possiblity that there is or has been other intelligent life other than what we know of on this earth, however I keep my mind open and am willing to look at what is presented, so this movie was another form of “maybe” .. but even if what happened in the movie actually happend in reality, I think reading about it or watching a documentary would have been better.

The premise is (in Madrid in 1991) a young girl misses her deceased father and attempts with friends through a seance in the school basement to contact his spirit, she accidentally allows a demon in and said demon terrorises her and her siblings.
The story is there, the possibilities are there, but yea, I’m not feeling it. The acting on part of Sandra Escacena as Veronica was good, she held her character and seemed to own the role, her siblings also played their parts well, in an awkward look into a real family, kind of way, but that’s it, that’s all I enjoyed.

It felt like I was watching an 80’s slasher horror without the slasher or the horror, most of what happened through the movie could be explained by the belief the culture has with spirituality or that the people involved were maybe under a lot of stress and not thinking clearly.

Regardless of if its true or not, the movie fails to be scary in any way, there was maybe one or two for lack of better words “jump scares” and the rest of the movie had me trying to read the subtitles.
Which is my biggest problem with this movie, I love foreign films, there is a special connection and kind of romance with foreign films, they don’t always have a massive budget and they don’t always have A grade actors, so they have to really try and work hard to impress…. BUT, trying to keep up with the subtitles (as it is a Spanish film) was nearly impossible, on top of that there were moments where multiple characters are speaking and there are just subs on top of subs and you had to think to decipher who was saying what by the wording and the tone of the voice.
I’m not a slow reader, but I felt at times overwhelmed and yes this could be said for a lot of films being subbed from English into other languages,, but in a “horror” when you are trying to think about the subs over whats on screen then the atmosphere has been lost, not that there was much of an atmosphere to lose in this film.

All in all, it is up to you to decide and form an opinion, this is just mine, but this is an opinion from someone who watches a shit load of movies.


Paco Plaza


Sandra Escacena as Verónica
Bruna González as Lucía
Claudia Placer as Irene
Iván Chavero as Antoñito
Ana Torrent as Ana
Consuelo Trujillo as Hermana Muerte
Sonia Almarcha
Maru Valduvielso
Leticia Dolera
Ángela Fabián as Rosa
Carla Sampra
Samuel Romero

Verdict….. A Not So Scary Movie

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