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Jaguar Wants Its Crown Back From BMW – Open Road Test Drive

The 3 series is regarded as the benchmark compact sports sedan that everyone else in the market is competing against, but it wasn’t the first. Arguably the Jaguar MKII was the first great compact sports sedan, and in 1959 it set the benchmark. So what happened, how did Jaguar lose …

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Whats happened to the new GTR?

The first R32 Skyline GTR caused a major upset in the automotive world and instantly gained a mythical status amongst hordes of teenagers when it came out in 1989. It was then rapidly updated with the rest of the Skyline range with the R33 and R34 models before the Skyline …

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Mini Cooper S Clubman – Open Road Test Drive

It is always tempting to review any new Mini with reference to the original, but that would be like reviewing the new Mondeo with reference to the Model T. It is a pretty pointless thing, brands move on, new models come out, new technology, new safety laws, and changes in …

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The Ford Cortina

Chances are if you were born in the 70s then either your father, or your mates father owned a Cortina at some point. The first Cortina, the MK 1, came out in 1962 and set a new standard for mid size sedans. It was a great looking car, and for …

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Amazing Trailer back up

Get a load of this Fedex truck driver back his massive trailer into a standard size garage opening in Murica Give this man a medal Credit: twitter.com/globalguy

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1936 Movie explains Manual Transmission

Awesome watch!

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