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Cooking and Internal Temperature Cheat Sheet

Hi guys, Kial here with my next instalment of BBQ wisdom for you. If you guys want to really get a handle on your BBQ and get on the road to becoming a full-fledged pit-master, try cooking your meat to specific internal temperatures so you understand when the meat is …

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B.B#2 – Beef Short Ribs

Alright guys, I thought I had better do a food blog for you guys this time. If you are after a cost-effective and delicious cut of meat I have the perfect one for you. I think this one is definitely better bang for your buck for beginners – the mighty …

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Maintaining a good fire!

Welcome to Barbecue Blog #1 – I am hoping this blog will become a place for readers to come and find some helpful tips, read some straight to the point no bullshit reviews on products and provide you with enough food-porn to keep you coming back for more. But before …

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Al’s Deli – Review

as some of you might have seen in webisode 18, Matt, Cathy and myself wanted to check out Al’s Deli after seeing of their crazy creations online so… We headed to the kingsland location thinking parking would be better but it wasn’t it was actually pretty shit but we got …

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