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GoodBuzz – Kombucha – Review ( sort of )

Hey team

So the good people from GoodBuzz sent me a box of Kombucha to try out, This will be more an experience on the effects review as appose to a product review as I have nothing to guage it against since this is my real experience.

So what is Kombucha and why you should have it?

It is sweetened tea combined with a kombucha culture and fermented until enough sugars are converted to organic acids and reach a state of self-preservation. The bacteria and yeast number in the millions by this time and provide a natural source of probiotics.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. We usually think of these as germs that cause diseases. But your body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria because they help keep your gut healthy.

Sounds good right? well I had a 2 week supply so I thought I would give it the old Nick test and see if it made any difference.

I went in with an open mind and decided to take notes on how I was feeling and what effects it might have had, since my stint at the gym and taking these kind of notes of what I put in vs what effect it has, I’ve become quite good at being able to tell whats going on internally, surprisingly this isn’t a common thing. Sure you smash some booze and you get drunk but can you feel your liver reacting?

So, First day I thought hey if we’re gona do this we’re gona go whole hog, so I had muesli for breakfast which isn’t as common as I’d like to think it is but hey, I try sometimes. Had my first taste of Good Buzz’s Kombucha after a light lunch, and by the evening It felt like it had taken some kind of effect, gassy to say the least but that might have had something to do with the fiber in breakfast.

To try keep a medium I ditched the muesli for breakfast for the rest of the test to see if that was a factor, went back to my usual food which is lots of meat and fish and potatoe base sides – and toast, not much red meat

After maybe 4 or 5 days I had felt a noticeable difference, I felt lighter on my feet, less bound up in my guts and my system seemed to be operating much better. As I said, these are the sorta thing I notice perhaps more than most as I put so much effort into understanding the process – to quote a dear friend Jaden Leeming ” You are your own greatest experiment ” – which has stuck with me and its somewhat of a rule to live by with things like this.

By the end of my cycle I’d been having one a day and yeah I feel better, not to say I was really bad in the first place, but anything better is good right?

I did some research on probiotics – just wondering what else is out there. You can just order supplements which actually works out cheaper and a more concentrated dose, But I feel like that kinda misses the point. Let me Explain

To actually review this, we have to look at the bigger picture, is it just a way to get in probiotics? well, no…

Something like this is a lifestyle choice, much like daily running or making a point to eat your greens. What I mean by that is its part of your daily routine, there are ideals and related ideas on life and the enviroment tied into something like this. It’s not medicine

I remember when I reviewed the Tesla Model S P100D ( video here ) I said at the end that its not just a car, its a way of thinking, This is the same. Sure you could pop a pill and think no more of it, or you could embrace the culture and the community – which I think is as big a part of it as the product itself.

As for the product itself.

There are a bunch of flavours you can get, all of them are fairly subtle – I’d only once tasted Kombucha before so this isn’t a comparison but I will say the flavourings made it much more palateable than something 100% as it comes. When compared to an extreme taste of something like Coke, you can tell there’s flavour for sure, but its not overpowering. The thing I heard a bit when I started telling people I was on this buzz was ” Oh it tastes terrible” – at first I kinda thought so too, given its fermented it does have that kinda taste and that isn’t something I’d normally be into. But as I say, looking at the bigger picture and in the sense of self improvement I persevered. Now I would say I enjoy it as much for the benefits as the flavour but If I wanted to enjoy a drink I’d perhaps reach for something else.

So the ultimate question, Would I part with my money for more?

That’s a tricky one, the main thing for me comes down to price, a 12 pack will set you back $39.90 nzd. Now lets take into consideration this is a small business by a few people with the best intentions, It’s not mass produced so there is a premium to pay for that. Can I justify $20 a week ?

I want to say yes but I can’t. I like it, I like the effect its had, but yeah.. What I would more likely consider would be something like buying another box or two and keeping them for those days where I’m feeling a bit flat or bound and having one or two a day till I feel better again. That being said, the one thing that hasn’t happened yet is the come down as it were, how am I gona feel once I stop my cycle ?? Who knows, if I feel really sluggish and bound up again I might well hit them up for regular mates rates or something.

In conclusion,

If you want to give it a try I’d fully endorse it, read the FAQ on the site first. I’ll support them to do bigger things but right now I can’t justify the spend. Perhaps when the world unfucks its self and living clean and green is cheaper than a maccas combo things will change. right now it seems to be sitting in the nice to have to make a point while feeling better box.

Many thanks to Good Buzz Kombucha for hooking me up a box to try! check them out here – https://goodbuzz.nz/

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