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Moppies Hops – Double Brown

I’m a beer snob, I’ll admit it. But before craft brewing became popular a mate and I went looking for some beer with real flavour, something that didn’t taste like piss mixed with water. We found some rare imported European beers, and we found Double Brown. Partly because of its nostalgia value, and partly because it is just good beer, it has become a secret favorite of mine. It is proof that large main stream commercial breweries can, sometimes, make a decent beer.

Double Brown is a naturally fermented bitter, with a deep rich malty base. There is a good hop balance, just enough to take edge off the sweet malts, while still making it very easy to drink. For such a malt forward beer it is only 4% ABV, which is unusual, but also helps with its drink-ability.
It’s also cheap, it’s not heavily marketed, and is certainly not a beer to drink if you want to be seen as being “cool” or “sophisticated”, or if you own an iPhone.
But, it is a great beer to drink if your after something with a bit of real flavour and your on a budget, or if you need a gateway to the world of real beers, a world where you get to drink good beer because it tastes good and is refreshing, and not because it’s trendy or backed by tacky advertising.

Try one, I dare you.





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