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(PC) Video Game Publishers Love Shafting us….

A few American video game publishers have put New Zealand in the same region as Australia, which has us paying that 20%+ more for games on top of the standard USD to NZD conversion + VAT tax(when applicable), and others are outright charging us an Oceanic mark up..
One of the constant offenders is Activision, who recently posted a pre-order option for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on Steam which costs $40USD, but for us;

That’s $80NZD!(rounded up) .. Hang on a minute .. $40USD converted is roughly $55NZD. Now let’s add an absurd 30% VAT tax, but that only gives us $71.50NZD.
It’s actually around 45.4% TAX to get it up to the Steam price, seems pretty absurd right? Don’t fret!

…Not all of them do it

There are plenty of publishers that give us quality titles at fairer prices compared to our American friends. Take Kingdom Come: Deliverance for example, it’s $60USD and we only have to pay $73.50NZD for it. Here’s the $60USD conversion;

Another popular new release, Warhammer: Vermintide 2, is $36NZD and our American friends have to pay $5NZD more than us.
So not everyone is “PAY MORE! YOU LITTLE KIWI!” which is a good thing.

Steam References:

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