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5 Things We’re Looking Forward To In FALLOUT

Bethesda Studios’ famed Fallout series is coming to Prime Video on the 11th of April at 1PM, NZ time. If you don’t know much about Fallout, the games typically tell the story of the vault dweller. A person who leaves a protective vault after centuries, to explore a world left behind after a nuclear fallout. Hence…Fallout.

If you do like the games, then hopefully this list is just as fun for you also, as we prep for the upcoming show. Because from the trailers we’ve seen so far, it might just be the series we’ve been wanting from the games.


These creatures are already a great part of the overall Fallout lore. But in the upcoming series, one of them is going to be played by Walton Goggins. An every man actor who oft hides in the background, will be front and centre as the character whose face looks like a melted wax candle. And I can’t wait to see what the man who delivered Pierce’s will and testimony in Community does with the role.


Probably the most well-known piece of media from the games, the Brotherhood Of Steel are typically the purveyors of everyone’s favorite in-game suit, the T-45 power armor. Featuring a suite of tools that would make Tony Stark envious, the series looks to have captured just how meaty these bad boys are.


A device for any good vault dweller, the Pip-Boy hosts a wide array of useful functions in the Fallout universe. From tracking health, inventory and skills, through to radio stations for intel and the world map, you wouldn’t leave your vault without it! So just how is our hero going to utilise it in the new show? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to whatever it is.

It’s also the most marketable piece of merchandise from the franchise, which is why the TV series already has a working die-cast replica.


While it may have been the means for our hero to survive, there’s also another major element that the show will no doubt dive into. Is this the only vault? Just what were they made for? Who made them? And what does the number 33 mean? A plethora of questions which will hopefully lead to some very bizarre conclusions!


I like to think of Fallout as this blend of 50’s science-fiction meets Mad Max. And because of this strange, yet obvious combo, it means we see some gnarly weapon designs. From insane melee weapons, like specially crafted knives and bats, to mechanically enhanced power fists. Right through to laser rifles and miniguns, or bowling ball launchers, it really does mix it up. And hopefully we see a appearance from a little weapon known as the “Fat Man”.

We’re sure there’s going to be a tonne more in the show. From Mister Handy’s to super mutants, it all looks like it will come together on release. And if you’re anything like us, you’ll no doubt be tuning in as Prime Video graciously releases the whole season in one go for the ultimate viewing experience.


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