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News – World’s Fastest Gamer

Now, I’m a bit of a Formula 1 fan, which is a bit difficult over in this part of the world. I don’t get to enjoy easy access to the races like a lot of European countries do (which is to say, without a SKY TV subscription), so I usually have to rely on the highlights and news reels.

My team of choice has always been McLaren. They’ve had some phenomenal drivers and cars in the past and I was really happy to learn that the founder, Bruce was a good kiwi fella before I came over to this little corner of the world.

They’re based in Woking these days, but let’s not hold that against them.

In what I think is one of the best ideas ever, McLaren have announced a competition, called the World’s Fastest Gamer. The idea is that leveraging the world of e-Sports to identify top gaming drivers, McLaren will identify a select few and invite them to compete in a 5 day competition held at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK.

The prize for the winner? A 1-year contract to drive their bespoke and wildly expensive F1 simulator for a year, as a part of their F1 team. It’s the racing game equivalent of scoring a seat in an F1 car for real.

I am so very, very excited about this! Now, I just need to figure out what games and when it’s happening and I’ll be seeing if I can put my rotund ass back into a driving seat!

– Dave

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