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Comic-con 2018 Trailer Round Up

Comic-con 2018 sees Warner Bros coming out swinging with a bunch of trailers for their DC movies , what could be M. Night Shymalans return, and a devestatingly good Godzilla  it seems like there is a lot shared universe going on. We also have a bunch of new and returning series trailers drop too. Check out our top picks from the bumper crop of viewing entertainment.

Upcoming Movies


I’m not sure if they have gone a bit too far with taking Aquaman from being a bit of a running gag about his powers and yellow undies and going the other way making him AquaBro.

He almost jocked out Batman in the Justice League movie and that’s really saying something. The other thing I’m not sold on is the CGI in Aquaman, it looks somewhat clearer than the visuals in Wonder Woman and Justice League but still seems a bit cartoony when compared to the Marvel visual effects artists. It is nice they are going for a vibrant color pallet but maybe a little too much. Aquaman does look like it could be fun and really this is what DC movies have been missing to date.

Also BLACK MANTA!!!! This is going to get me in the cinema, hopefully they pull off a decent villain with Black Manta as they have sorely lacked a quality villain in the DC universe since the Dark Knight.

Anticipation Level: Sitting on the Seahorse

Release Date 26-December-2018


It’s interesting to see WB taking a bit of a risk with Shazam, who is a very old school Golden Age of comics superhero, go ask your granddad who he is.

This trailer actually gets me onboard, it has a lighter tone which DC has been needing in their recent movies. It looks like a mash up of  the Tom Hanks movie BIG and Greatest American Hero, with Billy Batson trying to figure out how to use his powers along the way.

Shazam could be a lot more DC’s answer to Spider-Man than The Flash (who kinda should be filling that spot).


Anticipation level: Say the magic word!

Release Date 04-April-2019


Godzilla King of the Monsters

Jesus, this trailer gave me legit chills.

The combination of Debussy (not what you catch to get to DeCity) amazing orchestral piece Clair De Lune and some down right epic visual effects make this trailer just SLAY.

I enjoyed both Godzilla and the Kong Skull Island movies for what they were but this looks like it is going next level. It has some built in legitimacy with Millie Bobby Brown lending it a Stranger Things level of a otherworldlyness. Lets hope she sticks around the movie longer than Brian Cranston did in Godzilla.

It looks like the monster fanservice in the film is really going to deliver.

Already anticipating the jokes about what Sally Hawkins from the Shape of Water is doing in this movie… Grow up internet…

Ok enough talk, I’m going to watch that trailer a couple more times.


Anticipation Level: MOTHRA FTW!!!!

Release Date 30 May 2019



Glass could be M. Night Shymalans The Avengers. He has has a shaky portfolio which has had something of a redemption of late with Split who’s twist was that it was within the Unbreakable universe.

Samuel L Jackson plays the titular Mr Glass, the criminal mastermind from the original movie, though I’m not sure who thought it would be a good idea doing group therapy with a bunch of people that think they are Superheros and Supervillains.

Bruce Willis and James McAvoy also reprise their roles from Unbreakable and Split respectively.


Anticipation Level: Shattered

January 18, 2019 US



TV and Streaming


Star Trek Discovery Season 2

Star Trek Discovery has been divisive for Trekkies, fans and casuals alike.

There is a whole raft of internal politics over who has rights to what likeness costumes, designs and timelines that is enough to make you want to violate the prime directive.

Out of all this I have mixed feelings between being glad to see new episodes of Star Trek and disappointed at how its been written and seems to not fit in anywhere in cannon.

It looks like that have gone for a lighter almost whimsical tone this coming season in contrast to the darker start the first season had.

I’m still interested to see where it goes but really Paramount / CBS should have just hired the people who did Prelude to Axanar to do a Star Trek series INSTEAD OF SUING THEM.



Anticipation Level: Set phasers to skeptical

Early 2019 US


The Walking Dead Season 9

I’ll just pull out my hipster street cred right here, I was reading The Walking Dead comic long before it was cool, back when “Wouldn’t it be cool if there were more zombie movies.” could be said unironicly.

At various times The Walking Dead series has been great, meh, just get off the farm already, just get out of the jail already, just fight the Saviors already and now here we are almost caught up to the comic.

A lot of viewers, even the diehards I know who loved the comic have long since checked out, even I feel like I’m watching it out of some kind of obligation.

It does look like it is rounding it out to a conclusion (the comic is still going) and following the major comic plot points, I just hope it doesn’t out stay its welcome.

Plus they do have the spin off Fear the walking dead which they can keep going for another 6 seasons if they really want to.


Anticipation Level: Just let it die

October 7 2018

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 second half

These trailers are almost like a shuffling horde that wont die.

But guess who is still gonna keep watching them.

*Sigh* Me.

At least Fear the Walking Dead seems to be having a little fun with itself and the genre.


Anticipation Level: For the Horde!

August 12 2018


The Purge

So this could be an interesting series depending on how they approach it and how tightly it fits in with the series canon.

If they approached it with with the premise that each season takes place over one night of a Purge like 24 it could be quite compelling.

Although some of the acting in the trailer does give me pause at how much of a budget and production value this will have.



Anticipation Level: Binge watch and Purge

September 4, 2018



This is based on something George RR Martin wrote that isn’t Game of Thrones.

It looks like it could be a cross between Lost in Space and Event Horizon, yeah okay why not.

I’ll binge this when they drop it on Netflix.

Anticipation Level: Where were going we don’t need eyes to see

August 12 2018


Assassination Nation

Ok so that The Purge series? This trailer just out Purged it…

This looks like it takes that season of SouthPark  where everyone’s internet history got leaked and made a heavy R rated series out of it and the result looks stylishly brutal.

Anticipation Level: Delete my browser history

21 September 2018


Mayans MC

So I must admit I thought the last several seasons of Sons of Anarchy dragged on way longer than they should have.

It was like they didn’t know how to end the series, so I wasn’t particularly sure I needed a Sons of Anarchy spinoff series with the Myans hispanic biker gang.

Suddenly a wild Edward James Olmos appears, yep we good, I want this.


Anticipation Level: Edward James Olmos es el mejor!

September 4, 2018


This isn’t even half of the trailers out there in the wake of day 2 at Comic-con 2018 and we may have to go in for another dive depending on what else drops.

*All of the release dates are subject to change.

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