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Mean Eats with Nick – Pie Sammich

So this was a new one on me

All credit for this idea and process to Mark Annas for commenting this idea on one of our Facebook pages

The idea of a Pie Sandwich seemed odd to me, it already had pastry and meat so why add more carbs? The theory being 2 slices of bread will fill you up more and with less expense than a 2nd pie.

The Process

Get yourself a pie, could be a big ben or a $5 gourmet pie, choice is yours. I went for a high end award winning mince and cheese from the Dairy Flat bakery as I know them to be quality

Get ya self 2 slices of bread, the fancier the pie the fancier the bread as a rule.

Butter your bread and to the side that will be the base add condiments, I went with HP sauce as its my chosen sauce for savoury

Rip the top off your pie, eat it. place the pie between the bread butter side in and condiments underneath the pie.

Nom it..

So to review my own creation lead by devine thoughts.

I get it, i really did but I felt like there was so much going on adding the bread and butter to the mix that as far as flavour goes it was a lot to take in. Speaking of a lot to take in, the theory of filling you up is very true. I can easily smash a pie and a saussage roll and then some at a typical bakery visit however this idea is far more filling. You would need to prepare this before hand if you’re not bringing it home like I did, which is much easier

The bread vs gravy gives almost a soup on a cold day feel, and given its mid winter that was rather nice actually, looking out the window on a rainy day and smashing back a hearty feed. I’d do it again but I’d do things a little different. Less to minimal amounts of butter on the bread, I’d likely use a plain white bread as my standard is honey and linseed bread and I feel like that took away from the pies natural flavours. Any additional tastes should be minimal and non dynamic, use it to fill up not to change.

Other than that I’m stoked I’ve now learnt something new and high fives to Mark for the tip.

Keep the ideas coming and until next time squadfamteam


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