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2018 Commodore – what to expect


It would seem gone are the days of the big LS engines in our commodores and that makes me sad.

The new 2018 commodores will be based on the german Opel Insignia.. Now this isn’t all bad but, The insignia in its own right is actually a pretty brilliant little car, but its little and has a little engine and that’s not what commodores are about…


As a commodore driver myself, I very much like the size and weight of a bigger sedan on NZ roads especially on long distance driving which I regularly do. A nice v6 gives plenty of poke and more than enough power to pass and a V8 burble lets you know what it feels like to control and tame a beastly machine, but no more…

Engine choices are likely to be 2.0 litre turbo or Diesel and only in Automatic there will be a V6 3.6 litre 230kw.. the days of the mighty SS are gone.

Also no more Rear wheel drive, it’l be either a front wheel drive or a new ” clever” all wheel drive system, which will be euro influenced at least so it’l be decent but… ya know..

So the tuff aussie muscle car is no more, replaced with a refined euro mid size sedan

again, this makes me sad…

Here’s our video on the HSV Clubsport, grab some tissues

– Nick

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