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Bulletproof Range Rover – The Sentinel

Bulletproof cars, are nothing new, neither are Bulletproof Range Rovers, but for the first time, Landrover themselves are building a dedicated Bulletproof model of the Ranger Rover.
Jaguar Land Rover have a Special Vehicle Operations Division, normally responsible for very fast versions of the Range Rover Sport and Jaguars, they have turned their skills to hand building an up armoured Range Rover.
The new Sentinel model is properly bulletproof, able to withstand 7.62 armour piercing rounds, 15kg of TNT or 2 hand grenades. The suspension and stability control have been upgraded to handle the extra weight with out compromising it’s off road performance, and brakes have been heavily upgraded, then tweaked even more, making them the most powerful set of stoppers ever fitted to a Range Rover.

It says something rather sad about the world we live in when a mainstream manufacturer thinks there is enough demand to build it’s own bulletproof cars. But they are now on sale, and if you feel the need to be extra protected, can be ordered for your nearest Land Rover, Jaguar dealer.





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