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Hands on with the first PS5 in New Zealand

We were stoked to be invited along to the first hands on with the Playstation 5’s in New Zealand!

Playstation sorted a sweet venue and even sweeter treats ( the doughnuts not Jordan) to spend some time with the new consoles.

Granted this was short but there there is a game preinstalled on every Ps5 which is designed to show off a bunch of the new features – most of which for us today, focused on the new controllers.

There is some video of this in the latest vlog which i’ll post tomorrow, but my first impressions were as such.

Size is good, its ever so slightly larger than the previous generation which is most welcome to those of us with bigger hands, other than that it feels very farmiliar at idle ( i’ll explain that more soon) – the buttons are where they should be and its a comfortable experience for all circumstances.

But the real treats start when you get it turned on ( that’s what she said) – The new controllers have ” Haptic feedback” which is a massive undersell of what they really do. To give you an example. You might be running from sand to rock, you can literally feel the difference in surface tension and density through the controller which while being a subtle effect really adds a new dynamic to games.

Something that really impressed me was the triggers, ya’l know I like Shootn’. These new progressive haptic clever ass triggers are a far cry from a spring and potentiometer, These new ones can provide variable resistance through the whole range of the pull of the trigger. What this basically means – is you can feel tension build in a trigger pull and then the trigger break into little to no resistance in a specific spot, which makes it feel like its a real trigger ( chubby as it may be) – This is the way of the future.

Of course the console itself is a remkarable piece of kit and Dave will be getting deep into the guts of that when he gets his one very soon!

A few people asked on social about if the consoles are going to be here ontime for launch dates – All I know ( cause we asked) was that every effort is being made and orders should be here on time!

Thanks again to Playstation New Zealand for having us, and for some behind the scenes action be sure to check out the next vlog!

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