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The Open Road – Chevrolet Camaro By HSV – Review

In this Episode of The Open Road,

Nick reviews the Chevrolet Camaro being brought into the Australian and New Zealand market by HSV

** amendment ** where stated the cars are built in the USA – we have since been informed and confirmed that the Silverado and Camaro RHD cars are re-engineered in Melborne where the Sportscat is upgraded.


Engine: 6.2L Generation V LT1 Direct Injection V8
Gearbox: 8-speed, Paddle shift Auto
Power: 339kw ( mistake in the video)
Torque: 617nm
Wheels/Tires: 245/40ZR20 (front) and 275/35ZR20 (rear)


There’s always things that don’t make the video, be it for time or didn’t fit into the story.

Something that didn’t end up in the video that was very important to the experience was the feeling of being in the cockpit, as mentioned the shoulders of the car are very high, this not only limits visibility but also gives a huge sense of being inside a machine which I personally loved. Being inside and have the machine all wrapped around you very much makes you feel like you’re a serious cog in the machine and this Camaro does a really good job of that. The re-engineering to make this car right hand drive is an indepth one to say the least, there was a shot in the video that didn’t make the final cut about the center console, I wasn’t sure if they had converted it or not. You can see in the video that its very symetrical with all the buttons down the middle right behind the shifter, however that changes when you get to the arm rest and cupholders. The cup holders are on the drivers side and depending on your size or how you sit, your elbow and end up right in them. Needless to say this makes transporting drinks an issue, I ended up leaving the key and my phone in there but it turns out that they never changed that part as it would have been a big undertaking and ultimately raised the price of the car.

Creature comforts we plentiful, from the heated and cooling seats that were very comfortable to the epic bose sound system there wasn’t really anything lacking, no Satelite Navigation, that was the same in the Silverado, personally I don’t understand why that is a tough one but there ya go.

Other than that, I loved my time with the Camaro and can’t wait to see what HSV bring over from the American market next!

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oh, and we had to try the exhaust note in a tunnel

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