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Overlord – Review

It’s kinda weird that Nazi Zombies are actually a horror sub-genre and Overlord dives into it facefirst.  As if they weren’t bad enough lets make them zombies!

From Raiders of the lost Ark to HellBoy there is a particular mix of Nazis and mad science and the occult always conjures up an almost plausible “well they were into some pretty weird shit anyway” aesthetic.

For a movie with zombies one thing it isn’t is rotten

The Cast

Jovan Adepo as Pvt. Ed Boyce, a green and somewhat naive to combat paratrooper who is the audiences lens for the movie.
Wyatt Russell as Cpl. Ford, is almost channeling his dad Kurt Russel at times in this movie, if they do decide to do a proper thing sequel or Escape from New York  prequel they have to get this guy.
Mathilde Ollivier as Chloe, puts in a solid performance as  a French civilian who aides the stranded paratroopers.
John Magaro as Tibbet, a paratrooper and sniper adds a lot of sass and New York attitude and a bit of comic relief.
Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones and Ghost in the Shell) as Cpt. Wafner, an SS Hauptsturmführer (captain) is the arch villain is rather despicable although he starts chewing the scenery towards the end of the movie.

When you go for a picnic but everyone hoped the others would bring food


The Story

On the eve of D Day a unit of paratroopers gets in way over their heads when while trying to complete their mission in a French town they get caught up in a bizarre Nazi experiment taking place in the town.

In order to complete their mission they not only have to deal with Nazis but zombie super soldiers!

“Bruh are you trying to rehydrate?”

The Problems

You can’t fault Overlord for is very pulp B movie setting, but it does feel like it starts out as a well done Band of Brothers / Saving Private Ryan style war movie, then it takes a sharp turn into a mad scientist zombie horror movie lite.

It feels like it would have made a far better 10 part Netflix series where the transition from one to the other wouldn’t have been as jarring and could have explored both the war movie and the zombie movie aspects.

There are some very cliched moments, it doesn’t try to break much new ground with the plot or the setting, much more could have been done with its weird mad Nazi scientist tropes.

Pilou Asbæk almost feels a bit derivative of the Red Skull from Captain America at times as the film reaches its finale.

What it feels like when you get popcorn stuck in your gums

The Good Stuff

Overlord is probably as close to a Wolfenstein or Black Ops zombies movie as we are going to get.

The opening paradrop scene is really tense and puts you right in the middle of the chaos with planes exploding while AA fire rips through the fuselage as paratroopers desperately try escape. As a war movie it holds its own and as an alt history sci-fi horror it shows promise.

It has some fantastic special effects and delivers some really visceral gore.

“Hans, get de flamenwerfer”



Overlord scratches the Nazi Zombie itch but doesn’t provide long lasting relief.

There is probably not quite enough of the zombies or horror elements to really satisfy although a competent war movie.

If you are interested in this genre check out the first Outpost movie which really gave me the creeps with a great premise.

“Call me Snake Plisskin”

You’ll like it if you enjoy:

Wolfenstein Games.

Nazi Zombie Black ops Games.

The Nazi Zombie Genre.

War movies.

Skip it if you:

Aren’t a fan of zombies or Nazis in any combination.

Not into war movies.

Squeamish with gore or horror.

In Cinemas now

Wide Release


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