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Primal Rituals Premium Beard Oil – Review

For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of using 3 of the Primal Rituals Premium Beard oils, Here is a little rundown of the products I used and what I thought.

Who are Primal Ritual Beard Oils? –

These guys are a New Zealand company working out of Auckland, using all natural ingredients to help us bearded blokes maintain, strengthen and restore our flowing facial locks at any stage of growth.
A good down to earth group that really want to make beard care enjoyable and available to all facial hair types.  

What stuff do they use (ingredients)? –

With all natural ingredients “They have high contents of vitamins A, D, and E, along with many minerals and proteins that are renowned for their excellent moisturizing qualities and are easily absorbed into the skin. Regular users of our oils also report enjoying smoother, thicker, softer hair”.
It feels good to know what you are putting in your facial hair is as natural as it can get.

The select few I managed to get my hands on!-

BuckWilde – (Site Description)  Buckwilde Beard Oil has the warm spicy scent of Clove with notes of fresh Peppermint. It was designed for those who are looking for an oil that represents their individual style and makes the perfect compliment for your beard during the colder winter months.
Ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil with notes of Cloves and Peppermint.


Citrus Swag – (Site Description) Citrus Swag Beard Oil sports an earthy Tea tree aroma with notes of fresh Limes.  It was designed for those who are looking for an oil that represents there individual style and is it the perfect compliment for your beard during the warmer summer months.
Ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil with notes of Tea Tree and Lime.


El Capitans – (Site Description) Spanish for The Captain or The Chief, El Capitan’s is our take on the all time classic Bay Rum. Warmly scented with Cinnamon bark, fresh Bay leaves and the citrus notes of Mandarin. It was designed for those who are looking for an oil that represents their individual style and makes the perfect compliment for your beard all year round.
Ingredients – Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Argan Oil with an essential blend                                      of  Bay Leaf, Cinnamon and Mandarin.

Fragrant enough?

These three oils are more than fragrant but not overpowering to the point where your nose is blinded to all other smells like I have found with a few other oils I have used throughout my beards life.
Also being a huger hater of cloves i was surprised to have actually really enjoyed the Buckwilde scent, again not so overpowering as to be smelling cloves all day.

I found the oils to be refreshing and made the task of oiling up in the morning before work a bit more rewarding as the scents would give that fresh feel, I did find that the aroma wouldn’t last quite as long as another brand I was using, but this came with the payoff of not having a greasy over oiled beard and I was more than happy to add another small palm of oil to the lushes locks of untammedness dangling from my food hole.
Which brings me to the application of these oils, the actual “getting the shit out of the bottle” part of it all… A lot of oil brands and I mean most of them I have used have required bashing the bottles hole against my hand like trying to get the last little bit of sauce out of the squeezy bottle at the beach while eating your fish n chips, but from go to gone the Primal Ritual Beard Oils flow quite smoothly and easily out, which I was not used to happening. 

The Feel – 

This product is really nice to apply, massaging it through you can feel the change, strands untangle and my beard felt instantly softer and more full, instead of being all over the place it was easily shaped into a less mess looking bundle of ginger face pubes and more of a cared for arrangement of man growth.
I was nice to know that this was all natural and non-offence smelling ingredients that I was putting through my wirey tangled mouth bush.
Dfinitely left an overall feel of a smoother and softer beard, with even my partner commenting on the softness and fragrance.

The bottle design is sleek and handy for the likes of just sitting on the shelf or being popped into your pocket on a night out and the lid design made for no leakage or accidental spills, having the lid flat also makes it easy to stand on its end to get those last little drops to pool up for the last application.
A sturdy glass bottle that can handle being knocked over onto the ground or being thrown around in a bag full of work gear.
Great looking little bottle, fitting design and font types considering the amount of information on each bottle and the size.

Overall, –
A great choice of oils for any beard type, the oils are great light and effective, I found myself smashing through the bottle of “El Capitans” loved it, one of my favourite oils to date.
Love the fragrance options, even the clove and peppermint variant, refreshing and light but strong enough to last most the day.
Price point isn’t bad at all either $25 per 30ml bottle of premium oils and a good range of other beard related accessories.

I would definitely recommend Primal Rituals Beard Oils to any person looking for a good beard oil to treat their hairy face to a bit of man pampering and care.

For more information and a list of products head to https://primalrituals.com/


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