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Things ya Dad should have taught you

I know a lot of us missed out on some of those key life lessons.

Thankfully now we have an abundance of knowledge at our fingertips with the internet making up for it. Here’s a few things I collected that I think will be of good use to ya

How to tie a Windsor knot. A classy timeless neck tie knot.

How to change the oil in your car – we all use them and a basic skill like this will help you understand your car and save you some money

How to Shave – This one might seem obvious but not all of us got that lesson so its important to know your own skin and be confident with it. correct shaving and products will help with that

How to sharpen a knife. A good blade be it in the bush or in the kitchen is very important.

How to ride a motorcycle. Its a great hobby and fun way to adventure.

How to stay in decent shape. Now this isnt to appease what we think women want, this is because being fit and healthy is good for you. Here’s some simple mindsets that can change your life for the better

How to manage your money – lets be fair its rare these days to be good with this and as the cost of living goes up its worth getting good with your money

Good Communication. Now when it comes to relationships, communication is typically the number one issue. but good communication skills will be useful in all parts of your life.

Know about Sex – WE all want it, we all like it, but lets be safe and clean and understand what sex might mean to a potential partner and understand what your body is doing

Learn how to fight. Hope you never need to, but know you can handle yourself because shit happens and you want to be able to look after yourself and your loved ones.

Learn how to dance with your lady – or someone elses, the point is there are many times in life where you’ll be called upon to hit the dancefloor maybe a wedding or whatever it might be. being able to join with confience and a little skill could make or break the night or even woo that girl right into your arms

No doubt there are many things that we wish we could have learned over the years, its never too late and we’re here to help you.

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