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Ram Warlock – The Open Road – Review Film

In this episode of The Open Road

Nick drives the Ram Trucks 1500 ” Warlock Edition” – Starting with a jaunt through Polaris 4WD park in Woodhill Forest, just to get it dirty and then drive it around a ponsy area. So we took it to Ponsonby

Enjoy The Film!

Tech Specs

Power …….. 291kW
Torque …….. 556Nm
Towing Capacity …….. Up to 4.5 Tonne Max Braked Towing# with Trailer Brake Control
Transmission …….. Torqueflite® 8-speed automatic
Tank Capacity …….. 98L
Fuel Useage …….. 8.9L/100km Highway – 14.2L/100km regular use ( Tested)

A couple after thoughts that didnt really make the video,

The headlights in this were awesome, particularly the highbeams, it had been seemingly a trend for people to get great lowbeams and then kinda forget about the highbeams, but the Warlocks highbeams were awesome – they throw heaps of light and as someone who drives often at night in my rural area, thats a pretty big deal.

I do think the Warlock would benefit from a chunkier looking tyre, it kinda looks like it skipped legday, however it would chew up a softer compound, but this is about looks and short term performance right?

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