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Ubisoft Forward 2020 – Hyper Scape now in Beta!

Now, whether or not you think that the Battle Royale genre is quickly becoming saturated, you should always pay close attention to the new up and comers in the space. Hyper Scape, which is now available in Open Beta for PC following Ubisoft’s announcement at their Ubisoft Forward event, is one that’s worth keeping an eye on. It has an integration strategy with Twitch that might end up making it something that’s right out of the hunger games! From their own press release:

Hyper Scape’s Open Beta will also introduce all new features to the innovative Crowncast Twitch extension, including Battle Pass progression by watching Hyper Scape live streams on Twitch and the ability for streamers to invite viewers directly into their squad from Twitch chat. These additions are on top of the previously available Viewer Events, which allow all Twitch viewers the opportunity to have a real-time impact on the real-time battle by voting on events that affect all contenders within a match, such as Low Gravity, or Infinite Ammo. The Open Beta introduces a new Event called Haste that increases the game’s speed for all contenders.

I like the sound of this – it’s the first I’m aware of a game seeking to make the audience an active participant in the fate of the players! I would love to see what happened when the big-name streamers both try to get their audience to swing the match in their favour!

Whether or not that will be enough to give it a little bit of elbow room in the busy BR space remains to be seen, but it is trying to do something new here, and that’s to be commended!

If you’ve got a Uplay account, you can sign up for the Beta in the app, otherwise head on over to https://uplay.ubisoft.com/ to get started!

– Dave

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