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Vero – The new social platform?

Seemingly out of nowhere, 4 of my firends posted on the same day that they have joined VERO

No not that Vero, this is a new social app

First glance seems to be something between instagram and twitter, it has basic functions like chat, tagging and things like that, in a very slick UI

The app itself is still in beta and is free for the first million users. Which right now is fair as there are a few bugs and loading time varies quite a lot.

It’s claiming to be a smarter app for the social experience, seems I am still at the bottom of the learning curve of the app at this stage. following the New Zealand hashtag, it seems a lot of landscape photographers have been on this app for a couple days now.

Personally from what I can see, Its a very simple platform with functionality you would expect however it seems to be aimed at people ( at the moment) that want a simple no bullshit and baggage app to keep up with friends – there is a follower feature so I’ve set up an account under Empire Media Group – and will experiment with treating it much like instagram. However I don’t think this is the right place for businesses and creators like us to get noticed. The app does seem to want to support creatives, we’ll see how that goes over the coming weeks.

there was talk about IP around content posted, as in, who owns the images once on the platform – from my readings it seems they are just putting up a lot of words to cover their own asses. The terms don’t seem to be anything sinister however if someone more learned in these things wants to shed some light, we’re all ears.

Here’s an example of what a post looks like.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on a new app – would you make the change? – The reason facebook did so well with its amount of sign ups was it was a basic open platform that mum’s and Dad’s could get on easily and keep up with family and friends. Nothing else yet has managed to do that, maybe this will? personally I don’t think so. Vero does seem to be doing a pretty good job of answering a call for those tired of current platforms

– Nick

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