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Hamilton Fighting Game Community Chase Down Thief


Over the weekend the Hamilton Fighting Game Community (HFGC) hosted their biweekly tournament known as, Hambats. Which I assume is short for Hamilton Battles? I could find out but this is no research piece.

It is quite a popular event as the Fighting Game Community is quite big in Hamilton and Waikato area. It’s cheap to participate in this tournament with an entrance fee at $5, but if you’re there to watch in person or via stream, it’s free.

Now they had some drama with a thief this past weekend. A young lad strolled on into the building where the attendees thought he was just another curious gamer come to check out the event. Boy were they wrong. Check it out!


It was not the usual fight option option for the HFGC, but flight. In the top right hand screen you can see the young lad walk into view and quickly grab the entrance money of the participants from behind the event commentator and HFGC member Arahshii, and quickly turn and flees out the door. Reno, having honed his reaction speeds in video games first notices and drops his arcade stick and gives chase while the others wonder what he’s doing before they realise and give chase too.


Thankfully the young lad was caught by the members and the money was returned. Though they may knock out their opponents in game, the HFGC did not KO this thief. However the thief’s mother was not too impressed with what her son had done, so there may have been some jandals involved.


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