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Can-Am Ryker – The Open Road

Here it is, the controversial Ryker film,

Alot of people had opinions on this, but in the sense of us finding out soild facts and real world testing- we gave it a good go before we passed comment.


Price as Tested – $19,995.

Engine – in-line 3 cylinders, liquid-cooled with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control

Power – 77 hp (57.5 kW) @ 7100 rpm

Torque – 56 ft-lb (76 Nm) @ 6300 rpm

Transmission – Automatic (CVT)

Thoughts after the fact,

As I said in the film, the first Ryker we got had some serious issues and we ended up swapping it out for another, that one had the same issue. Then while waiting for a tow truck a guy tells me that someone he knows has a can am and that had a similar problem, so reliability does seem to be an issue right now. I went into this thinking I knew I wouldn’t want to own one but maybe it would be good for a giggle, the many failures really tarnished the experience and I’m glad to see the back of them to be honest. People in general made comments of either ridicule or skepticism, and I guess that’s why we wanted to make this film because I bet no one that’s given them a hard time has ever ridden one. Clearly we have ridden them now and personally I’ll be glad never to do that again. But my point remains if this is what makes someone happy, good on them enjoy it – you might be limp mode half the time but hey thats fun too right? Another thing that I noticed today was riding this in the wet is super weird. cruising around a sweeping turn in the wet, traction control was fighting on and off like crazy on something that didn’t seem like it was even needed at all. So I can’t expect this to be any fun to try ” enjoy ” in the wet for skids if its always going to be a nana mode.

Now lets be fair, this wasn’t something I thought ” oh I might really like this and want to buy one” I really only did this out of curiosity for myself and I thought it might be something you lot would enjoy. IF the first bike I had was one that I had bought and 3 days later I get limp mode and take it back to a dealer I’d be upset, if then the dealer gives me a loaner and that does the same error code throw up after 2 days, I’d be very concerned about my new investment.

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