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Mens Health vs Technology

Hey Team,

So a buddy of mine had a very interesting experience and I thought it was worth sharing, look after yourself lads!

Here’s a story for you, one about misconceptions, bad technology and fear.

So about 4 months ago I was having what I thought was kinda… mild heart palpitations maybe, this was before I ever had any vaccine shots.

I went to the doctor, they wired me up to an ECG and nothing definitive came up although he wasn’t totally convinced it was normal so put a referral through to the hospitals public health system for a stress test ECG (which I still haven’t heard anything for) he also told me my cholesterol was very high, far too high and dangerous for my age. So I decided to stop being a lazy fat asshole and got my act together.

Other than the mild heart flutters I didn’t have any symptoms that I could real say were “real” in other words maybe I was just afraid of having a heart attack or a stroke.

Fast forward a few months and I was good, I didn’t have any symptoms really at all, I was doing maybe 2-3 hours of exercise almost every day with an average heart rate of around 160bpm the whole time with a max of 190 and no issues at all.

Then one day I was sitting in my garage doing nothing special. And my Apple Watch started freaking out saying I was having Atrial Fibrillation telling me to go to the hospital. My doctor told me to watch out for that so of course I was a little worried.

After that I went to the hospital (last week) which just happened to be 2 days after my second shot. Needless to say I thought great here we go I’m about to die after my post on how I didn’t get any symptoms from the shot.

Left the hospital after about 2am, blood tests, ECGs, X-rays of my heart, blood pressure etc all came back basically perfect.

I thought well there must be something wrong, why did my watch freak out? and why was no one telling me what’s wrong? Was it the vaccine? how come I can work out so hard and not have a problem?

Then yesterday I was shooting a wedding and I felt fine, maybe a little tired but I did have a huge workout the day before. And my watch started freaking out again. I was like oh shit, here we go again, this will teach me for posting about not having any symptoms. I started stressing, the stress made my heart rate rise, which made me feel a little light headed. I was convinced I was about to have a stroke or something, but I muscles through cause I’m a man and men are stupid asf. I realised maybe it’s because I went from having 3 proper coffees a day to none, but this morning I’d had 2 double shot coffees before the wedding… maybe that’s why

Fast forward to this morning, I thought maybe I’ll just research the Apple Watch and these notifications. And it turns out that almost ALL of these notifications with people my age are FALSE, and it’s actually causing more of a problem. It all kinda made sense after that. There’s literally so many articles about how this watch is causing more harm than good with healthy people blocking up the hospital systems. Yet I never thought to have a look for myself.

I mean maybe my heart flutters were just from stress of being a business owner in the middle of a pandemic, maybe I was scared after reading all the crap online about side effects… I mean so far I’ve had 2 doctors visits and 1 night in hospital and they all tell me it appears as if I’m ok. And it’s strange that my “symptoms” seem to get worse AFTER I get a notification.

When really it’s because it makes me afraid I’m going to have a heart attack and leave my kids alone without a father, so I start breathing a little heavier than normal, which makes me light headed, which makes me think it’s getting worse and the circle continues.

It would have been SO easy for me to say “oh man I wish I didn’t get the second shot, this is messing me up” Yet I was having this “problem” before I even had the first shot. And it appears the problem may have just been stress or some form of anxiety (although I didn’t feel anxious mentally)

The moral of the story for me… look from the outside in, slow down, don’t just freak out cause technology isn’t perfect, I’m youngish, healthy, strong, don’t assume we know the answer. Our minds are more powerful than we think and we can create our own symptoms.

It’s amazing that when I found out how bad these Apple Watch ECGs were, how fast my symptoms went away… it wasn’t a heart condition, it wasn’t the vaccine, it was myself.

Also, shout out to the doctors and nurses who looked after me with patience and understanding, it was amazing watching the level of care they took for some random dude at 2am while dealing with drunk assholes cursing them out and cleaning up their vomit. Those people are warriors.

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