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Nitro World Games 2017!!

Any Action Sports Enthusiasts out there?

If so you should definitely check out Nitro World Games!! It happened a few days ago and man some crazy shit went down!!

The worlds best BMX, Skate, FMX, and Scooter riders hucking the best tricks their crazy minds can conjure up. Bit of a pity that Inline wasn’t included this year, fingers crossed for next!!

A little bit of drama during the BMX best trick event but whats life without a bit of drama aye? R. Willy definitely deserved the win and I am glad he got it!

Did you watch it/ have you seen it? I’m digging what Nitro is doing for the progression of Action Sports!!

The level these guys are at is just immense… Triple Backflips and Frontflips on BMX, 1080 Frontflips on Scooter, Rocksolid Frontflip on FMX… Stupid!!

Check out the full VOD here:

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