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Steep – Review

Hey Team,

Daves away for a month and I don’t have a PVR so I’m going to be writing the reviews till he gets back.. Soz not soz

So, Steep..

First saw this at Armageddon this year and got very excited, It’s high time people started focusing action sports in games again, its been years since Dave Mirra Pro BMX ( hint hint) and the Tony Hawk reboot was a bit shit. Maybe this will be better?

Steep finds you on the side of a mountain ready to go explore and find challenges both PVE and PVP with online Multiplayer ( which I didn’t do, we’l get to that shortly)


At your disposal you have a Snowboard, a pair of Ski’s a wingsuit and a parachute. you can change these out at any time ( so long as you are planted on the ground) and explore a beautiful open world as you see fit..

This game looks amazing, the characters look great, the scenery looks great however I did find some frame rate issues.. One run I did I popped 3 achievements which gave me ingame notifications and xbox notifications which seemed to be all too much for my wee xbox to cope with and framerates shat themselves for a moment…

Controlling this game took a little getting used to and to be honest I’m not there yet.. It’s not overly intuitive.. things dont seem to always go where you think you’ve pointed them.. not to say its unplayable.. more unpredictable which in itself creates a challenge. Example being holding R2 to prep for a jump.. Most normal people would expect that to be popped at the lip of the jump right? RIGHT? well not steep.. it wants to you hop really early and its a hop you can’t really pump the face of the jumps to go huge and it didnt seem to matter how fast you were going. The hop is the hop and that’s it.. Also the scoring seemed a bit odd.. pulling tricks was lame to say the least, it wasn’t a skill based thing more just push this and it’l work probably and the trick modifiers were non existent


My biggest gripe with this game, which is a deal breaker is the chase cam. This game is played in 3rd person as you would expect a game like this to be. However the chase cam engine on a almost entirely white backdrop. not only was jerky but actually made me feel sick.. and I’ve got a lot of time on VR which hasn’t done that..

This game just feels like its very disjointed from the subject matter. I dosen’t feel like the people that made it really knew much about extreme sports in the real world so as someone who does get out and do some crazy shit it felt disigenuine to the cause

I give this game a 3 out of 10 and I won’t be playing it again. There was so much potential with this game but it fell short.. very short.

– Nick

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