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Steelseies Arctis Pro – Review – with PriceSpy

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So full disclosure, This is a sponsored post – by PriceSpy – however, the review itself is entirely independent. PriceSpy wanted us to show you the ease and process of using their app or web-service to find the best prices on the things you want. I was given a budget to get something to review from whomever had the best price ( however I chose to ignore parallel importers as we have good relationships with many of the brands and retailers we work with around New Zealand and didn’t want to dog them like that ) – So this partnership does not impact the opinions in this review.

What is the PriceSpy app?

PriceSpy is a comprehensive, fully impartial price and product comparison service used by millions of consumers every month.

Available to use via an app, PriceSpy provides shoppers instant access to 1,730,000 indexed prices, 584,000 product, 584,000 product ratings along with 7,510 store ratings, so they can make informed purchase decisions.

Specific PriceSpy app features

iOS & Android functionality
The PriceSpy app works across both iOS and Android devices.

Product search
Using the PriceSpy app, shoppers can search, filter and compare items quickly and easily.

Barcode scanner
The PriceSpy app barcode scanner allows shoppers to scan items in-store and instantly see if it can be bought for cheaper elsewhere.

Product specifications
Shoppers can search by specific product features, popularity, brand, price, user reviews and much more.

Overall cost
The lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal, as the PriceSpy app also allows shoppers to compare other factors, such as shipping prices, stock levels etc.

Price alerts
The PriceSpy app can notify shoppers when the price drops for products they have chosen to monitor. Alerts can also be set up as push notifications from the app, so that the shopper knows round-the-clock when a price drops.

Product lists
Shoppers can create private or public lists, share and compare and use lists to calculate the lowest total price.

Price and popularity history
The PriceSpy app also allows shoppers to click on the price and popularity history of a particular product they are looking to buy, to reveal whether shops are offering the item at the best price possible!

How’s it different?

In contrast to other services, PriceSpy is fully impartial in that it lists both shops that pay PriceSpy a service fee to be listed (known as Featured Stores) as well as shops that don’t. By default, PriceSpy always lists the cheapest price first, regardless of whether the shop is a featured store or not. PriceSpy does not display preference to any one shop over another.

Who uses it?

PriceSpy is used by approximately one million users per month in New Zealand and each shopper varies from person to person. Some prefer to use PriceSpy to seek out a good deal, while others use it to research bigger ticket items to help them get the best product and price.

PriceSpy lists products from categories such as Health & Beauty, to Kids & Toys, Computers & Accessories, Sports & Outdoors, through to Games & Consoles. And more!

The PriceSpy app can be downloaded for free through the App Store, Google Play and accessed through the website.

So on with the review.

When this came across my desk, I wasn’t sure what I really wanted or needed, I considered a couple things for the kitchen or maybe a new Gym headphone set up, then I settled on a gaming headset as I wanted a better set for streaming. I did some research and found this Steelseries Artics Pro to have a very highly recommended Mic for streaming, so I thought I would give them a whirl.

In the box you get the Headset and a Game DAC

What is a gaming DAC?

DAC stands for Digital to Analog Converter or sometimes in the audio world, Digital Audio Converter. … Whether you’re streaming music, watching Netflix, or gaming on a PC or PS4 the audio you’re receiving is in a digital format.

– Steeseries

It has a few neat features which to be honest are a little lost on me, I tend to set and forget things but this one does have the ability to control a great number of settings either through the software or on the DAC itself to dail in the sound you want or adjust on the fly as things change in game. For instance if you’re playing something like pubG and you have the sound up to hear the footsteps you can lower the volume of game voice chat from discord so your surprised to be shot friends don’t kill your ear drums with their reactions to getting dead.

HD Audio seems to be the way of the future, just like when we got HD TV’s it soon became common place and expected, the same is happening in the Audio world. At first it does seem to have some amazing range and before long you come to expect more from everything else that isn’t HD

Things I didn’t Like

At first, compared to my previous headset it felt bulky and heavy, in hidsight its not actually that heavy and it does manage its weight well but it did take some getting used to. The ear cups can rotate to fit your head really well however I do find the ear cups ever so slightly too small for my ears which over long sessions can give a little discomfort unless I actively shift the cups around so the tops of my ears are actually pushed inside the cups.

There is a mute for the mic and a volume knob on the back of the left side of the headset, while being handy this has become apparent that the placement is exactly where i would grip the headset to remove it when going for snacks, this results in coming back to discord, letting the team know you’re ready however being muted the team can’t hear you. It has now become second nature to double check every time the headset is replaced on my dome.

Things I really like

The Mic was the thing that sold me on this headset and it hasn’t disappointed, Listening back to it on stream its clear and full, which for playing with the lads on twitch ( often sponsored by pricespy too ) is very important, it has a good lenght boom arm so you can get it nice and close to your gob for great representation with no echo. this can be further enhance by the software however out of the box it does a great job.

Audio playback is amazing, be it sitting listening to music it does a great job however where it is important to me is things like hearing subtle sounds like footsteps in games of that guy that’s about to jack in the box and blow my head off, it hasn’t made me a better gamer but its not made it any worse either. The important thing is having the ability to hear EVERYTHING loud and clear. This headset does this well.

Aside from that its got a nice build quality, the DAC is quite handy. I can run my speakers into the dac and control the sound from there so its less knobs for adjusting various sounds.

It’s a solid unit with amazing sound both incoming and out going with tune-ability and adjustablitiy for days.

Typically this headset would be upwards of $500nzd however using pricespy we found it on playtech for $358.95 And this is why when you know the thing you want to buy, you should use pricespy to find the best price on it. Savings can be sometimes minimal however most of the time someone out there will be having a sale or a discount and you can get the things you want for less money down. and its super easy to use!

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