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A love song to Cindy

This is a parody version of Billy Joel’s iconic love song, “She’s Always A Woman To Me”. Original words and music by Billy Joel. 2022 re-write and performance by Anto Coates. The new version is an ad-hominem homage to the world’s most illiberal liberal, our socialist socialite, the lockdown-loving 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. I hope you enjoy…

The new lyrics are as follows:

She’ll Always Be Cindy To Me:

She’s like tits on a bull, but the left idolise her,
Our team of five million? She sold it to Pfizer
It’s not chauvinism, or misogyny,
She can declare her pronouns but she’ll always be Cindy to me. 

She can pretend to care, she can furrow her brow,
She can fix housing markets, just don’t ask her how,
And she prints lots of money, like it grows on a tree,
Blame it on someone else now that petrol’s at $3.33.

Oh…. She takes care of your health. Socialism by Stealth,
It’s a vast over reach

Oh… and she’s painfully woke, and she can’t take a joke, 

She just calls it hate speech.

She’s vain to a fault, she’s flaky and fickle
She’s building back better with hammer and sickle,
She’s Lenin in leggings, she’s a trotting Trotsky, 

We’re the next Venezuela, and she’ll always be Cindy to me.


Oh…. She takes care of herself, Redistributes your wealth,
Waves her hands like a mime. 

Oh… has her snout in the trough, before galloping off,

She’s just biding her time.

She tells you be kind when she’s really quite cruel,
If somebody sneezes she’ll shut down your school,
But she will be evicted in 2-23,
But she’ll get a job by just calling Klaus Schwab

And she’ll always be Cindy to me.

Hmmmmmm….. Hmmmm…..

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