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This cured my snoring – not clickbait

Hey Team,

So this is in no way sponsored, I paid for my ” Device” and truely rate this – here’s my experience

So as some of you that would have seen the videos Steve has posted of me snoring over years will know – it was pretty bad..

I really didn’t think it was a me problem for a long time, but as I got older it started to get problematic when you’d have a lady friend stay over and wake up ( or not have slept) the next morning and bring it up as a negative. No matter how good your breakfast is, shes not coming back.. this had happened more than once. not to mention when you first stay at a mates place and the first thing they bring up is ” Man you snore so loud” – its shit, embarassing and I didn’t like that it was something that people were bothered by.

So this was one of the many examples Steve kindly shared with our friends – This is silent now

Then when we were in wellington last year, shane noticed it for the first time too ( from the other room, it really was that bad) – and mentioned that he had been to see this dude that made snoring fixes. I had looked in to a few things, like the little thing you jam up your nose to open your air ways, but that only fixes 1 type of problem – I did order one and by the time it turned up I realized it was no good for me. But after yet another failed tinderella I thought it was high time to look into this.

So I go along, dude works from his home in Mt Wellington, really neat guy – good for a laugh etc. He looks in my mouth for all of 15 seconds and tells me that my tongue sits wrong in my mouth and thats why I snore. within 20 mins all up a mould of my upper teeth has been taken and I’ve been sent on my way to return to pick up my device

firstly, there are many reasons people snore, might be jaw position – tongue position – fatty tissue and more – so given that Malcom is so experienced he can figure that out very quickly and let you know what you need.

Now I promised not to show a picture of the ” device ” as its something that others could replicate and thus loose him business But I can tell you that its effectively a sports mouth guard that you sleep with in, mine has a piece that holds my tonuge from falling back into my throat as I sleep – Shanes is different and holds his bottom jaw foreward and gives the same result. – This is why you need the consult part, to find out why you snore.

So a few days later my device is ready to be picked up – The first thing I noticed was that the part that holds my tongue triggered my gag reflex, this made me think It was going to take some getting used to – and it did.. So for the first week or so I stayed up till I was as tired as I could be in an effort to pop it in and crash out – for the most part this worked fine, however having something in your mouth creates a lot of saliva so I was drooling quite a bit the first few nights, but this works it self out pretty quick – that said results may vary

It took me about a week or so to get used to sleeping with it in, and I did notice pretty quickly that I was feeling better when I woke up – which is a result of having clear air ways and more oxygen in your system as you sleep – I didn’t know this was a problem until it was fixed – now if I were to sleep without it, I’ll feel like absolute trash – which must be how I always used to feel but now the quality level has been raised so much anything less than awesome is really problematic. There has been the odd night where i’ve fallen asleep and not put it in, and as soon as I wake up – i know all about it

As far as the snoring itself – These guards are bespoke for the individual and can take some time to adjust to, and can be adjusted for better results as you get used to them – I was told that mine would be a multi adjustment process as my gagging when the first attempt was made was going to be a thing – I was sent home to ” get used to it as it is and look into more adjustments once I sleep with it in fine” – so during this time my girl tells me that I’m making noise still but no where near as bad as previous – and the sound is more like having trouble breathing as appose to snoring – Result right? – well..

I went back to snoreguard and had told him what was up – another inspection was cause for an adjustment – this gave me another gagging result more so than before and something to get used to – which this time didn’t take me as long but it was still something uncomfortable

Now I’m told that I make zero noise outside of being a heavy breather – which for the sake of those sleeping next to you is going to be a gift from the gods – and this was the thing I wanted most – until I realized how much better I feel waking up after a real good sleep

The feeling I have now when I wake up is night and day – and a couple times this has been proven when I’ve fallen asleep without it – I woke up today energized, positive and ready to kick todays ass – that is almost more impressive than my snoring being cured ..

I really hope this helps some people out – I spent my money on a tip from shane and its life changing – If snoring is a thing for you. Give this guy a call

Brass Tacs – it’s $900 bucks, he does offer payment plans – and you’l see on the website he offers a money back guarantee if it dones’t work for you – but he will let you know that in the first consult if hes not confident he can fix you up – as I said earlier it might take a few tweaks and visits to get it perfect

Website with more info and contact deets >>> SNORE GUARD <<<

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