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Dyson – Purecool – Review

Hey Team

So we get sent all kinds of interesting things to review, some awesome some not so much – This was something I’d seen in the shops and never put a lot of thought into – until Dyson sent one for review.

So what exactly is it?

Well, the short version is its an Air purifier – which I am all about – I love clean fresh air – that’s why I live in the country side. its also a cooling unit which again I am pretty keen on

Typically – most days, I’ll have all the windows open and a fan going gently to move air through my office as to keep fresh air circulating, same in my bedroom at night, I tried this unit in both of those situations.

Office Room

So where I would normally have everything open and a fan pushing air – This does a good job of keeping the room cool, its a weird thing to look at but the effects are quite a lot compared to the floor fan I usually have humming away. It’s not super quiet but it does have a quiet mode i’l touch on in a moment. What I did, and didn’t deviate from much. Was hit Auto on the included remote control and let it do its thing – and as I say its two main functions are to clean and cool – It’s almost hard to gauge in a short term the effect of pure air – its almost like keeping your car serviced, preventative maintaince – you don’t know what its doing, but your engine hasn’t blown up and is running nicely – that’s how I think about it, I suffer – often quite badly from sinus problems and what I did find is this mitigated those to an extent so I can only assume its from the cleaner air in the room I’m in – not that it was ever that bad, however if you’re living in the burbs or more so, a city center apartment – I feel the effects will be far more noticeable. What I do find is walking into my office ( which isn’t a small room at all ) after being out of it for sometime with the unit going, is the room feels cool and fresh. So job done right? It seems so.

Sleepy Time

This is where I really wanted to see the effects of this thing, I’m a terrible sleeper at the best of times, and anything to get a full nights sleep I will explore – This did not let me down. As in the office, I at night like to be cool and have clean air gently circulating while I sleep – warm summer nights with no breeze are terrible for me. Until now, I put this thing on night mode, which runs a little quiet and a little less powerful and I would expect does about 60% ish of the job it does in noisy mode? – 60% is enough to make a significant difference – I woke up with a clear head and I could breathe – two rare things. So for that this thing alone gets 10/10 for helping me sleep. But there is a bit more to it

What I expect this to be used for more is the office environment, or perhaps lounge / family room – it is portable so you can put it anywhere. I’d guess its about 5kg ish so not much to move around to different rooms. For that I’d say yeah its a neat bit of kit, however a price tag of $899.00 it might price many people out of buying it when a standing fan, even a really good one can be under $200 – granted that doesn’t give the purifying. Purifying is one of those things that I think its a bit out of sight out of mind, you can’t see it making a difference nor can you really tell right away so unless you have the money to spare and want to show off to your friends a bit – its a big investment in something that seems non-tangible.

So would I buy one? Hell yes, if I could justify the money spent – if i can get a similar feel from something cheaper I personally find it hard to justifiy that kind of investment – the other end of the scale is to make a case for something like a heatpump that will cool better but is double the price.

I like the outdoors coming in so I will keep with moving the air from outside through my office while I work away or sleep, but should I somehow find my self in a position to buy one, I’d buy two a big one for the office and a little one for the bedroom.

for more information you can visit the — > DYSON WEBSITE < — and have a look at their options.

Until next time, thanks team.

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