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E-blue – Cobra Gaming Chair – Review

Hey Team,

So since the fire its been on my to do list to invest in a quality computer chair – I spend a lot of time at my comptuer, from writing, to social to video editing and of course gaming – editing sessions can take hours in a sitting, as can gaming so for me its worth investing in something that is going to be good quality but also comfortable and supportive for my old bones.

We saw the E-Blue stand at Armageddon this year, and we had to get in touch – they had a heap of awesome products on their stand so we got in touch after the show and said we wanted to review some of their gears, Kicking off with gaming chairs as its an investment I’m ready to make asap! – So this is on loan for review purpose only.

So whats the jist with this one? Giving the price of $298 this is an entry to mid level gaming chair – with the main point of difference being the mesh backing. The Mesh idea to keep you cool and allow airflow and heat escape in those longer sittings or tense gaming sessions.

So lets break it down and go over my thoughts. Lets preface with my being 6 foot 2 inches and 110kgs ( on a good day )


So the things I mostly look for are ergonomics and support – The ergonomics in the sense of where my arms rest on the chair vs where they need to be on my desk were good – there are no adjustments like some chairs, only the overall height of the chair itself but I did find a good level for that and things all sort of fell into place, Right now as I type this I have my elbows on the arm rests and my wrists on the table top and I’m quite comfortably tapping away. The base of the chair I found to be a bit short for my liking, my usual chair supports almost to behind my knees, this chair seems more sort of mid thigh – which for sitting assertive is good but ( and I know this isn’t ideal) I often spend time relaxing back with my feet up on my sub so more support there would have been nice. Assertive seating for gaming however, especially first person shooters it was more reasonable with feet planted firmly on the ground however not laying back into the mesh backing.


Overall the build quality isn’t bad, I did need to put it together and the instructions were decent, its arms and back are made of a polyuerthane which feels like it’ll last a while and be resistant to being bumped into desks or other chairs or being thrown against a wall when that hacking motherf@#$ASDSDFASDVCXVZXDF – I wonder how long the mesh will stay attached, I can’t see how its attached but for my time laid back into it it does feel like it’l last a decent while – time will tell on that one but I am optimistic – the base itself is made from a PU leather – again keeping in mind this isn’t overly expensive for what it is – it does feel like it’l last a while – I like the idea of using the polyeurathane as much as they have for durability especially in a kids room or something like that. For the money I’d say its fair quality


It certainly looks the part, if you’re the kind of person who wants to have a nice set up with matching lighting and RGB everything something like this will set a room off well, it looks a bit racey but not as much as other chairs so could fit in with a spacey theme too, but its loud and proud and looks pretty awesome and the mesh back is a cool point of difference.


It always comes down to the old ” would ya buy one” – for me, no not for me. If we had a gaming room that needed 6 chairs that we wanted to deck out for when people came over to stream or game nights, sure it’d be a cool way to theme a room and they are comfortable. Personally I’d want something more leather, more plush and a different kind of support – I personally don’t need the style for my set up cause as you can see I’m still using a tressle table – I do plan on building a new desk out of some wood salvaged from the fire which I am working on at the moment – which will be lots of wood and steel – for that I feel like a classic black leather executive chair will be more the style and more my kind of jam for that. But, Everyone is different and I can see plenty of people enjoying this chair but it wont be me

Many thanks to E-Blue for the loan of the chair – its certainly helping me work out what I want to do – if you want to check out the Cobra or their other offerings head over to the website –> E-BLUE < ---

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