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Justin Baldoni speaks at TEDWomen 2017 — Bridges, November 1-3, 2017, Orpheum Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo: Stacie McChesney / TED

Are you Man enough?? – reaction to Justin Baldoni

This is an interesting watch I must say, Firstly I don’t entirely agree with everything he says or some of his views..

But I do like the sentiments where he encourages men to be able to express their emotions – and I can concour that expressing them on a public platform can and did have a positive effect and had other guys come out of the woodwork and thank me for being open and being vulnerable.

I did read his bio before watching and its quite clear hes a feminist – and that’s fine but I guess put that filter on some of the things he says, I dont think you should listen to a womans opinion over a mans just based on gender – I think you should listen to everyone and make up your own mind with all the data – not just what suits your adgenda but what suits you as a human moving forward.

He loses me towards the end and I to be honest switched off, but again. The Sentiment of being able to share thoughts without being scared.. but that’s of course easier said than done when you dont know the reaction you’re gona get.. and if you’re already hurting and someone makes it worse when you reach out.. that can be very hard.

I just hope each of you have at least 1 person you can talk to.

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