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Does Social Media Favour Women?

Why did you click on this link? Be honest, was it a thought provoking title? Did you think the guy in the picture was cute?

Or did you want to see if there were more images of the girl in the picture on here?

Sparked from a status conversation on Naomi’s facebook today, we discuss the differences with instagram between guys and girls,

Naomi writes,

Looking at IG this morning, and noticed that a majority of the content is aimed at males, there are so many “hot babe” accounts, but where are all the “hot guy” ones?
What if women want to look at ??
Are women not interested in aesthetics?
Or do women not need visual stimulation?
Are women ashamed of being sexual?
Do men need to step up their social media game? So much pressure is on women to conform to these “hot babe” accounts yet it’s not ok for women to ask of it from men or men are deemed as “gay” for wanting to come across a certain way?
Guys need to be more confident about posting content, it’s ok for girls to post a selfie but when A guy does it he gets shamed?
There is so much out there for women supporting women, but where are the men at when their mate wants too look good?
Being supportive of your male friends aesthetic does not mean you want his dick, it means you’re being a supporting friend.
Being sleezy is different, you can compliment and support someone without being over sexual.
Sex sells, always has and always will, but in a world where we fight so much for equality, why is marketing still dumbing us down and telling humans we should mainly be mentally stimulated buy the female form and almost shames the male body?
Yes women’s figures are more appealing, is this a power trip women should play on?
So technically, as it stands, women run the game, considering media tells us that the majority of us think with our sexual preference, and that majority preference aesthetically is female, then basically women rule the game that is life?
No, because even though we are seen as the more appealing gender, we are still hushed and told we aren’t equal in many parts of life.
So even though our bodies are more sought after, more appealing, and more marketable, we are used as sexual icons regardless if we wish to be.
In relationships, a majority of men will follow these “hot babe” accounts yet are uncomfortable with their girlfriends following “hot guy” ones, this is a double standard built buy insecurities.
I myself am attracted to both male and female, hence my not caring, but this also stems from confidence.
Men are told they shouldn’t post selfies, so when women follow accounts of guys who do, this is seen as a threat.
If men supported men, in every aspect like women do, maybe the world would be more comfortable.

Nick responds,

This is a super interesting situation that i think has many many elements,

firstly, I was actually joking the other day about how influencer marketing is very sexist cause women get all the work, but they get the likes on the selfies, and the selfies are more popular than the product content – which is why i assume when you see a sunscreen sponsored post its about tits ass and tans as opposed to ” sunscreen”

But moreover, i think womens basis for finding men attractive is very difference to the reverse, men are visual creatures for the most part, we see nice round things and want them, simple really.. however women will judge men on far more than looks, i.e. status / money / influence / fame etc – so guys will be more inclined to show things that they think women want to see, which often looks like flexing which can be a turn off depending on your target market..

that being said, our values are different when it comes to instagram, a lot of guys that post a lot on instagram are more the creative types i.e photography or some other artistic form – or like me where its a work account so its used for many different things.

I think there is also a behaviour – more so at the lower following end of the scale, ignoring really famous people, that women are less likely to throw a like on anything – especially something like a guy trying to look sexy because its a sign of interest and that can have many repercussions from unwanted advances to accusations to all sorts.. so I think women hold back outward interactions towards guys as a loose rule anyway..

thinking more over it – Girls are more accepted of girls being IG models for example than a guy would be – think if jeff from the pub started posting heaps of shirtless selfies – the lads would have a field day winding him up – whereas girls ( on the whole it would seem ) are more supporting – sure shirtless jeff might get some female attention, but that has to be weighed up against his peer group which I would think ( since he seems them every day) would have more of an effect on his mental state and motivation to do it than the response from the people he’s trying to attract.. ?


What do you think? I think there are certainly accounts run by guys that are a business more than a personal attempt to gain adoration, much like ours – sure there are pictures of Nick and the rest of the crew on there, buts its never a vainty thing.. Its always about the product or the message and just sometimes that message needs a face.

What becomes interesting is when the lines between business and personal become blurred, certainly I find that as most of my private life becomes content in one way or another, but what if your business is you, and you are a narcissist?

Something I’ve seen over the last say 2 years is people getting on instagram with the intent to sell themselves as a billboard for products knowing there is a market for pretty things to sell pretty things..

So I guess I would put it over to you, Why do you like what you like on instagram? Is it to support friends work? You see something cool and throw a like on it? You spam likes on someone’s page to get their attention cause you want something more from it?

There’s no wrong answer, more an attempt to understand people and why they do what they do

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