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the new kid on the block…

Hey folks! My names Andrew and I’ve just joined the team here at Empire.

I’m an upcoming personal trainer at Fortis North Shore over in Glenfield. I’ll be creating content on how to avoid mistakes inside and outside of the gym to ensure you achieve your fitness goals faster.

I’ve been training at my local gym for about 5 years now and I’ve pretty much made every mistake a person can make concerning fitness. That’s why I’m still not even close to where I want to be. But that’s also why I’m here! To keep everyone else from making the same mistakes I’ve had to correct over the past 5 years.

I’ll be documenting things I’ve learned throughout my journey like tips to develop certain areas of your physique, how to get stronger in key lifts, and how to create a diet that works for your own body.

I’m insanely grateful to be a part of the team and I can’t wait to get started. Looking forward to seeing everyone around.

if you’re interested then feel free to give us a follow on the gram @andrewkellyfitness

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