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SEOUL TRAIN – Burger Review

Hey Burger Lovers,

Apologies it’s been a while since my last burger review, between not eating out much of late and working on my own burger creations it’s been a little while. Infact I hadn’t actually planned on this review at all but here we go

Where – Burgerfuel, Silverdale
Parking – heaps, its in a bank of shops and eateries

So like I said, I hadn’t planned at all to go do a new burger review, I’d not left the house for about a week and had a few errans to run, on the way home I recalled seeing on Instagram that Burgerfuel had the Chop Shop Chicken back, we’l come back to that. So I decided to treat myself on the way home to some Chicken and Smash Browns… Until.

Upon arrival My friend and owner of the store James was having a staff meeting outside the shop ( this is in no way bias due to it being my friends shop, nor did he at any time promt staff that this would be reviewed) after a quick catch up as to not interupt their meeting he asked what I planned to get, and I said, ” chop shop and smash browns brah ” – another staff member came inside, took my order and while I was standing there. Seoul Train… I had seen the promo and made a mental note to try it next time I was in, that note was lost until I saw the sign right above the cashier desk..

So full disclosure – I paid for my meal, there was no special prep for a review I just have friends in high places is all


Seoul Train

Korean Fried Chicken
Hot Burgerfuel Gochujang Aioli
Crunchy Bean Sprouts
Picked Diakon Radish


I had it with a coke and smash browns

Now something I try to do with all burger reviews is to get something simple like a cheese burger or as close as possible to a cheese burger to try and keep a sort of medium going between burger joints, when it comes to specials like this, the process is simply to order it as the place has intended without changing anything and go from there.

Keeping in mind I had gone in with the idea to get ChopShop chicken ( which by the way is awesome and if you havent had it, get it) Basically deep fried southern flavour chicken with asian inspired sauces – I tend to ask for half the amount of sauce as they normally put on. However I digress..

Seoul train is a full size Burgerfuel burger, this means its really big. it wasn’t the most stacked burger but mine was very well filled so it wasn’t small at all – certainly by the time I was done I was very well fed. The first thing I noticed was the chicken is sort of like chicken tenders as appose to a chicken pattie which I assume is a supplier of the chicken situation as appose to actually wanting to put in a whole chicken patty – using tenders presents a very simple problem of things moving around and thus, falling out. which mine did so as you can imagine there was as much putting it back together as there was actually eating it, a pattie would solve this entirely. The next thing that got me was the huge base of diakon radish – It’s not something I would have ever asked for in a burger but this is their creation and it did work when you put all the flavours together as an overall experience however it’s not my cup of tea as a stand alone, I guess what I’m saying is I didn’t hate it and it was a creative risk – but that’s kinda what we love about burgerfuel, they are huge and yet will still take the risks of doing something like this or as we remember, the Harajuku chicken from 2015. I also wasn’t mad on the bean sprouts – as a texture thing it kinda worked but I think i was looking for more crunch from the chicken coating than the rest of the greens. The Hot Aioli was epic I wish there was a lot more of it! The mouth feel experience was a good one tho. a really good one. There was a party in Seoul and my mouth was all around it, it wasn’t until about half way through I noticed there was kimchi in it.. Didn’t expect that. didn’t notice the taste at first but once I saw it, my brain was all about it.

Something to note tho, I did about the first half or so of this as Burgerfuel made it – then I started pulling out the radish, it wasn’t for me and I wanted to enjoy it more than critique it. I would have pulled the bean sprouts but they were too involved with everything else.

as much as I hate scoring food, I’d say as it comes from standard I’d give it a 7/10 – it was a great experience and well thought out with some very interesting and clever flavours. however If I were to bastardize it and make it my own by swapping a couple things out like the Radish It would get an 8/10

Thanks for reading and hopefully we’l get back in the swing of things asap! don’t forget to check out mean eats on our youtube channel for our own creations!

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