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Carnivore Diet

Hey Team,

Time to talk food – This isn’t an intent to upset vegans, more to explore the wider world that it out there in regards to food.

A while back I heard of a professor who was on a meat only Diet.. now known as the Carnivore diet. I guess for everything there is an equal and opposite hey?

I never really considered this as Carbs seem to play an important part of my balance. More on that later but, something that has been of more and more interest since I’ve been in the gym and am now a fully fledged Fitness Influencer and Model; is food. My friend Jaden said something that has stuck with me for years that was ” You are your own greatest experiment” . This has become a large part of my mindset when it comes to general well being and more so lately, training.

This conversation was around the topic of Bacon, I think we can all agree that bacon is amazing. I used to buy streaky bacon – I realized this was making me lathargic so, as not to give up bacon I changed to shoulder bacon of which most of the fat is cut off leaving just a little for cooking and flavour. Now I don’t feel crap after bacon with breakfast heading to training.

The wider scope of this is looking with more depth at what I actually eat and what effect that has. Right now I’m trailing a number of different things for my own general well being from CBD oil ( that’s coming up people on instagram that keep asking) to Cranberry Juice everyday to meat types and ratios and serving sizes. Typically I’m looking at 2 major things. Firstly general well being – Sleeping well, having energy, focus and Mental Health. This is then followed by what I’m doing in the gym and how to optimize those results by Food.

There are endless posts on the internet about how food is key with training and its quite true My girl is currently training for a body building comp where food is everything and training is maybe 20% of the actual journey. So by default this must be the same for all sports? at the very least it has to be a major part of it. So lets explore that.

The Carnivore Diet is as follows

And as with many diets, there are varying levels one can choose to adopt – for example

Is this starting to sound familiar but backwards? – This is a fairly new idea and the science on this is very young. There is a book out by a guy called Shawn Baker called ” the Carnivore Diet” which came out a couple months ago which has throw a heap of hype around this. Part of me thinks this is just something to get under the skin of vegans, but in the Ying and Yang of the world, surely an equal and opposite exists and thus must have some merit?

The portions suggested are 2-4lbs which in english is 1- 1.8kgs, This does sound like a lot however if its all you’re eating it might not be so bad. Personally I know I can smash 500grams of mince in a dinner on a good training day, however I for a while was actually doing a lot more than that in an effort to gain weight – I’d be doing 300 grams twice ( two dinners) plus breakfast and lunch and healthy snacks ( my crutch is still the damn fizzy drinks) – This did add kilos, I’ve added 10 kilos to my overall frame and thus am much stronger than I was 6 months ago.

What’s more telling is that Joe Rogan has got in on the conversation showing off 1 months effort which is impressive to anyone

Click the arrow to play the video.

I can see why this has become popular with the hairy chested militant meat eaters. Personally I’d never go hardcore Carnivore as I like carbs way too much. Which brings me back to the earlier quote about ” you are your own greatest experiment ” – Try stuff, try everything ( not meth) see what works for you and what doesn’t – Keto still seems popular but from what I’ve heard its best in short bursts to shred body fat ( upto 3 months with exercise) but it all depends what you are trying to achieve.

I’m keen to hear what you’ve tried, what’s worked and what hasn’t. Right now as I have said I have a few things on the go, so that does make it hard to pin point things but the more you listen to your body the better that conversation will get. but more updates on those things in other blogs.

and if you missed out on Meatstock tickets this year, sucks to be you! it’s gona be awesome!

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