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Review – Logitech Master Series Mouse & Keyboard

Mouse and Keyboard From The Other Side Of The Room

Don’t you hate having to sit at your desk with your corded mouse and keyboard restricting you from working on the other side of the room? No? Oh. Okay. Well with the Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse and Logitech MX Wireless Illuminated Keyboard that is possible. Let’s check out The Master series by Logitech.

The MX Master 3 Features/Specs

  • Claimed Usage Time – 70 Days on a full charge or 3 hours after only a minutes charge.
  • Multi OS – The MX Master 3 works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth or USB-C
  • Easy-Switch – Pair your keyboard up to three devices and switch between them effortlessly with the Easy-Switch button.
  • MagSpeed Electromagnetic Wheel – Switch from line-to-line scrolling to free-spinning when you spin the wheel fast enough, scroll through 1000 lines in a second. Oh! And it’s almost silent.
  • Mode Shift Button – Toggle between Ratchet and Free-Spin modes.
  • Thumb Wheel – Scroll horizontally with the ease of your thumb.
  • Back & Forward Thumb Button – Perfectly placed buttons to move back and forward.
  • Gesture Button – Click and hold as you move the mouse to use gesture commands.
  • Logitech Darkfield Tracking – Track on virtually any surface with 4000 DPI precision.
  • Range – 10 meters wireless range.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) – 18.4mm x 14.4mm x 6.6mm.
  • Weight – 2g.
  • Price – $179.90c NZD @ Logitech


MX Master 3

Keep the Mouse or feed it to the cat?

KEEP! KEEP! KEEP! This mouse felt like heaven in your hand. You can tell Logitech really had ergonomics in mind when creating the Master 3. I never had to stretch my hand after long periods of modeling houses. I kept playing with the MagSpeed and Thumb Wheels due to the positioning of the thumb wheel and how fun it was to play with the MagSpeed wheel when in Free-Spin mode, just letting it spin away quietly. I never had issues with tracking or using a variation of surfaces. Except when I forgot to remove the sticker at the beginning and wondered why it wasn’t working, so take note. I didn’t look at what features this mouse had, I went in completely blind. So it was fun to find the little things it could do, such as the gesture button.

I wasn’t too sure on what to expect with this mouse as I do trust Logitech with a lot of their tech, but I haven’t enjoyed wireless mice over my time. Either too small, issues with tracking, ugly or just something else I could nitpick about it.

I wouldn’t go ahead and say use this mouse for gaming. It’s much for for your businessman or content creator, especially with how some of the buttons work differently with different computer applications. For nearly $180, I would highly recommend this mouse for anyone with a busy work life and needing a new, great mouse.

Now, you want the score? A pleasant 9/10.

The MX Keys Features/Specs

  • Claimed Usage Time – 10 Days on a full charge with the back-lit keys turned on, or up to 5 MONTHS! with back-lighting turned off.
  • Multi OS – The MX Keys works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth or USB-C
  • Easy-Switch – Pair your keyboard up to three devices and switch between them effortlessly with the Easy-Switch button.
  • Perfect Stroke Keys – Spherically dished keys with matte coating to match your fingertips and let your fingers glide over the surface.
  • Back-light – Ambient light sensors to adjust back-light key brightness and hand proximity sensors to activate back-lighting.
  • Range – 10 meters wireless range.
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) – 131.63mm x 430.2mm x 20.5mm.
  • Weight – 810g.
  • Price – $249 NZD @ Playtech


MX Keys

Keep the Keys or smash it against the desk?

The MX Keys Wireless Keyboard is…..smooooth. This felt so nice to use compared to the old standard keyboard that work had provided. A stable, solid keyboard that as Logitech put it “let your fingers glide over the surface”. I charged it on day one and never reconnected it to charge until I finally sent it off to our resident bushbloke, Kelvin. The keys are very quiet I had to double check at times to make sure I had hit the key I needed. The back-light for the keys I found myself not caring much for as I worked in a well lit area, I do see that it can be handy for those that prefer a darker environment, and it was aesthetically pleasing when seen from the corner of the eyes.

I enjoyed rolling my chair to the other side of the office, and just typing away at work. Seeing how far I could go before I lost range. Though the specs say the keyboard has a 10m range, that will depend upon your environment, likewise so do most wireless technology.

The only issue I had with the MX Keys was that it felt a bit small, too compact. I can also chalk that up to being used to my larger work keyboard, and consequently only having a short time to transition and get used to the MX Keys. I wouldn’t recommend using this for gaming either.

This is the first wireless keyboard I have used first of all. So I don’t know too much how it would stand up to others in the market. Looking at the current market price for this keyboard, it’s not cheap. If you’re able to get it on sale for close to $200, I’d say go for it if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard for work. Otherwise this may not be for you.

How do I score the Logitech MX Wireless Illuminated Keyboard?

It’s decent, perhaps overpriced, with a niche use.     7.5/10




Going from reviewing wireless earbuds to a wireless keyboard + mouse.

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